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ep_latexexport LaTeX Export for Etherpad Lite

escape-latex Escape LaTeX special characters with Javascript

fomulaking show fomula with latex

gammalatex A simple latex wrapper around 'pdflatex' binary

grunt-latex A Grunt plugin to run LaTeX-related tasks.

invoice generate pdf invoices from tex templates

invoicer generate PDF invoices from json

jekyde A static blog builder, server and writer.

latex A simple wrapper for LaTeX in node.js

latex-table convert an object array to latex table text

latex-watcher a simple file watcher for latex auto-compiling

latextomathml A javascript library for converting LaTeX equations to MathML

madoko Madoko is a fast scholarly Markdown processor written in Koka

math-captcha generates math questions for use as a captcha via latex

mathmode Turns LaTeX math mode expressions into images

mw-ocg-latexer Converts mediawiki collection bundles (as generated by mw-ocg-bundler) to beautiful PDFs (via XeLaTeX)

node-pdf pdf generation using mustache and xelatex

node-tex Simple backend to TeX for node.js

pdflatex Very thin wrapper arround the pdflatex unix command.

pdflatex-ng wrapper around pdflatex(1)

quizzer Quizzer is a webserver for collaborative writing lab support. Based on a _fail early, fail often? approach to written language, the tool is particularly suited to second-language learners. The workflow (essay - error - quiz - exam) treats mistakes as an o

scriptex Turns screenplays as plain text files into LaTeX files using the excellent screenplay LaTeX class, found at

symmetric-tensor-to-string Converts symmetric tensors into human readable/LaTeX parseable strings

tralics A latex to javascript json translator

typegen Markdown ebook template, converter and generator

typepress-cli Markdown ebook template, converter and generator

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