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addc finds clusters in data using the AddC online clustering algorithm with gaussian kernel

apparatus various machine learning routines for node

bayesian-bandit Bayesian bandit implementation for Node and the browser.

byhuluoyang A module for learning perpose

byjyh a module for learn

classify.js Bayesian classifier for Node.js applications.

convnetjs Deep Learning library. Supports Convolutional (and ordinary) Neural Networks

decision-tree NodeJS implementation of decision tree using ID3 algorithm

density-clustering Density Based Clustering in JavaScript

ector ECTOR is a learning chatterbot.

ector-command A command to an interactive learning chatterbot.

hajimaru A project generator for nodejs

irf incremental random forest ensemble classifier (native)

kotoba A foreign language learning tool, to easily keep record of new words you come across.

lexemic Tools for working with human language data.

likely Recommendation engine for Node.js applications.

look-alike A simple-yet-powerful KD-tree library for NodeJS, with support for lightning-fast k-Nearest Neighbour queries. Supports normalization, weights, key and filter parameters

lyric-node Linear regression library for use in Node.js applications. Based on Lyric javascript library provided by Flurry (

meade Node.js community, discourse, and author analysis package

ml-js Machine Learning library for Node.js

node-ml A Collection of Machine Learning algorithms built for use with NodeJS

nodejsfirst first kraken nodejs framework project

oryql oryql adaptive structures

prediction Machine Learning Library for Javascript

smr Streaming implementation of multiple regression.

spaced-repetition-learning Implements SuperMemo-2, a spaced repetition algorithm that optimizes learning based on assigning difficulty levels to paried associates.

steptoe Simple language, based on Javascript, with an interpreter designed for asynchronous step execution

xiezjmodu a module for learning

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