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blinkstick Blickstick API for Node.js

blync Blynclight module for Node.js using node-hid.

jc-lifx A library to control LIFX lightbulbs

led LED control on Linux boards

ledstripe control WS2801 and LPD8806 LED stripes via SPI

lifx a library to control LIFX wifi lightbulbs

limitless-gem Simple NodeJS HTML5 LimitlessLED Lightbulb controller

lpd8806 LPD8806 Node library for the Raspberry Pi

pi-led-flasher A package to flash an LED on the rPi

piglow javascript interface for the piglow

piglow-animations piglow-animations is an extension for piglow that adds animation capabilities

piglow-cli commandline interface for the piglow

piglow-clock visualize a binary clock via the pimoroni piglow

pixelscreen Create virtual screens and populate them with (partial) subscreens.

rgb-led An unofficial communication driver for the WiFi-CON (aka EasyBulb WiFi Box aka MiLight). Please see the repository page for more information and examples.

ribbons.actuators.led LED as a Ribbons actuator.

rpi-ws2801 A node.js library to control a WS2801 RGB LED stripe via SPI with your Raspberry Pi

simplespi a simple and easy to use SPI interface for node.js (for raspberry pi etc)

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