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ary Clips function argument lengths.

digest-stream digest-stream - Simple pass-through stream (RW) which calculates the a crypto digest (sha/md5 hash) of a stream and also the length. Pipe your stream through this to get digest and length. (streams2)

fixed-array A small utility for storing and working with a fixed-length history of (ususally numeric) values.

jsonframe A jsonrpc 2.0 implementation

length Time lengths for humans

length-stream length-stream - Simple pass-through stream (RW) which accumulates the length of the stream (streams2)

nary Force a maximum function arity

ndarray-segment Run length encoded sparse ndarray

pathlength File path length checker

piece-length Finds the optimal piece length for a given number of bytes.

read-write-message Read/write a length prefixed JSON message to a stream and send regular binary data afterwards. Useful for sending stream headers etc.

schema-validator JSON Schema validation library for JavaScript / Node / Express.

segment-tree Segment tree data structure

slice-stream Pipe data through a stream until some fixed length is reached, then callback.

split-by-header Split binary streams by length fields in messages' headers

string-length Get the real length of a string by correctly counting astral symbols

stringbitlength String length in Bytes

variadic A JavaScript utility for creating variadic functions

voxel-crunch Simple run length encoding library

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