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basholevel A Basho-LevelDB wrapper (level-basho with a cooler name)

bfs-tree-layout Index computations for balanced binary trees stored in BFS order

bfs2inorder Converts BFS tree indexes to inorder tree indexes

browserify-fs fs for the browser using level-filesystem and browserify

byteslice Simple way to concat and slice arrays through bytewise encoding and decoding.

canvace The Canvace Visual Development Environment.

cheeto top level domain bot that returns and or validates url tlds -- command line utility as well

co-level levelup wrappers for 'co'

connect-logger connect middleware for logging

consolable get controls and colors in your nodejs native console

consoleplusplus Console++ - enhance your console

daily-storage daily - The LevelDB storage abstaction

deferred-leveldown For handling delayed-open on LevelDOWN compatible libraries

dscape-mind-explosion-database DATABASE FOR DSCAPE TO TEACH CHILDREN!

filelog yet another file logger, with level control.

foreign-key group and reduce rows for foreign key relations for sorted key-value stores like leveldb

hcrawler a hierachical web crawler with concurrency control and server-side jQuery support

hyperlevel A Hyper-LevelDB wrapper (level-hyper with a cooler name)

ideas CLI to never loose your ideas

isosurface 3D isosurface polygonizer

ka-ching A caching module for streams with tag-based invalidation

lev CLI/REPL/TUI for levelDB/Nodebase

level-ancestor Finds the kth ancestor of a node in a JSON tree

level-array The array datatype inside a LevelDB.

level-atomic obtain locks for atomic levelup transactions

level-average Calculate rolling averages in a LevelDB.

level-blobs Save binary blobs in level and stream then back

level-blocked Blocked data storage on top of LevelUp

level-client Create and return LevelDB client if necessary, reuse if already given

level-cluster Use consistent-hashing with hash-rings to distribute reads and writes across multiple multilevel nodes.

level-co levelup wrappers for 'co'

level-condition Get notified when a condition is triggered inside a LevelDB

level-counter keep count of the elements in a sublevel

level-cursor level stream cursor

level-delete-stream A deleteStream for LevelUp.

level-dump Dumps all values and/or keys of a level db or a sublevel to the console.

level-exists Check if a datum exists without reading its value.

level-filesystem Full implementation of the fs module on top of leveldb

level-fs node's fs module with leveldb as backend

level-http HTTP wrapper for LevelDB databases.

level-incr add atomic increment/decrement to a level db

level-index-update A module to save a document into leveldb where the old indexes are removed in the same batch as the new ones are inserted

level-indexing level indexing and finding

level-js leveldown/leveldb library for browsers using IndexedDB

level-json-edit Taking editing json to the next level with multilevel.

level-list Map lists of data in a LevelDB to DOM elements.

level-lvldump Exposes an http route that returns a tarballed leveldb. Solves a use case similar to mysqldump.

level-mapreduce Stored map engine with query engine.

level-methods Useful meta information about levelup methods.

level-mirror Mirror and optionally transform data from one sublevel into another.

level-move Move a value to another key.

level-msgpack The msgpack encoding for level.

level-mutex Mutex read/write lock for levelup.

level-namequery An intelligent search engine on top of LevelDB for Name <-> User-ID relations.

level-namequery-lmdb An intelligent search engine on top of LevelDB for Name <-> User-ID relations. [LMDB-branch]

level-nearby-stream Stream in nearby places using the browser's geolocation and level-places.

level-object Store objects in leveldb.

level-orm Simple ORM built on leveldb/levelup

level-paginate Streaming pagination for leveldb.

level-party open a leveldb handle multiple times

level-path sensible key / range generator for levelup

level-path-index leveldb indexes for properties of items at or anywhere below a point in a materialized path

level-prefix Get prefixed databases

level-proxy proxy a leveldb reference to swap instances transparently

level-queryengine Search levelup/leveldb instances with pluggable query engines and pluggable indexing schemes.

level-queue-type A queue for LevelUp

level-reactive Reactive templating of data stored in a LevelDB.

level-relation relations and joins between sublevels

level-remove-notfound levelUp.get won't callback with notFoundError anymore, instead (null, null)

level-repl REPL for LevelUP compatible databases

level-rpc Super fast rpc mechanism for LevelUp

level-sec High-level API for creating secondary indexes

level-secondary Secondary indexes for leveldb.

level-sets Buckets of unique keys for level.

level-simple-stream simple-stream source and sink for LevelUP and LevelDOWN

level-sleep Database for storing, cloneing and replicating SLEEP compatible data stores.

level-slice Stream LevelDB ranges by chunk indexes

level-slug Add slugs to your data

level-stream-iterator A Level Up Addon that Implements iterator syntax over a stream.

level-sublevel-stream Find all the sublevels of a database

level-sum Calculate sums in a LevelDB and get live updates

level-timestamps Decorate you data with created/modified timestamps

level-track receive updates from a set of keys and ranges in leveldb

level-trie The TRIE data structure and search algorithm, on top of leveldb.

level-ttl-cache A pass-through cache for arbitrary objects or binary data using LevelDB, expired by a TTL

level-userdb LevelDB-backed user database for things like web applications

level-userdb-bench Benchmark/performance/stress-test for level-userdb

level-userdb-cli CLI interface to level-userdb and level-userdb-server databases

level-userdb-dnode Dnode client & server for level-userdb

level-userdb-passport PassportJS helpers for use with level-userdb

level-userdb-server Standalone server for level-userdb

level3mediaportalapi Level 3 Communication Media Portal API Node.js Module

leveldown A Node.js LevelDB binding, primary backend for LevelUP

leveldown-basho A Node.js LevelDB (Basho fork) binding, primary backend for LevelUP

leveldown-hyper A Node.js LevelDB binding, primary backend for LevelUP (HyperDex fork)

levelgraph A graph database for Node.js and the browser built on top of LevelUp

levellogger Levellogger is a simple console logger which respects a simple kind of level. After the level off the logger has been set, all log entries 'below' this level do not get printed to the console.

levelsync Backbone.Sync replacement for leveldb

levelup-riak A levelup-esque interface to riak

lmdb A Low-level, LevelDOWN-compatible, Node.js LMDB binding

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