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abstract-leveldown An abstract prototype matching the LevelDOWN API

advance In-memory forward iterator for use with the Strata b-tree MVCC tool collection.

amalgamate Merge staging Strata b-trees containing MVCC versioned records into a primary Strata b-tree.

angularjs-lively Use lively object-syncing with angularjs

azureleveldown An implementation of LevelDown for Windows Azure Table Storage

b-tree Evented I/O B-tree in pure JavaScript for Node.js.

browser-module-cache Caches browserify-cdn modules using level.js

buffer-prefix-range Easily define lexicographical ranges of byte strings using a prefix. Can be used to define ranges for queries in leveldb or similar databases

byteup Add bytewise as a levelup leveldb encoding

bytewise-hex Support for leveldb/levelup bytewise encodings in hex format

changeset Library to diff JSON objects into atomic put and delete operations, and apply change sets to objects. Useful with Levelup/LevelDB object synchronization.

co-level levelup wrappers for 'co'

co-sublevel sublevel for co

connect-leveldb This module provides a session store for connect which uses leveldb via levelup.

connect-leveldb2 This module provides a session store for connect which uses leveldb via levelup.

constrain Create a compartor strategy based on LevelUP API iterator parameters.

contextdb Use json-context with leveldb. Contexts are automatically generated from matchers, and provides ability to watch matchers for realtime notifications.

continuous-storage Store a continuous ndarray in a level.js/levelup database

correlate Create a compartor strategy based on LevelUP API iterator parameters.

daily-storage daily - The LevelDB storage abstaction

deferred-leveldown For handling delayed-open on LevelDOWN compatible libraries

defunct-aggregates Aggregate operations for object-mode streams

designate Iterate a collection of MVCC b-tree cursors choosing the most recent version of a record from each tree.

dilute A Strata MVCC iterator that filters the results of a Strata MVCC iterator.

dscape-mind-explosion-database DATABASE FOR DSCAPE TO TEACH CHILDREN!

encode Utilities for encoding and decoding records for database storage.

firedup A node.js implementation of firebase based on levelup

fulltext-engine levelquery-engine plugin to index and perform full-text search indexing of documents in levelup/leveldb

indexeddb A pure-JavaScript implementation of IndexedDB that is durable and scalable.

json-readdir-stream levelup createReadStream for a directory of json files

jsondown A drop-in replacement for LevelDOWN that writes to a JSON file on disk

jsonquery MongoDB query language implemented as a node.js Stream

jsonquery-engine level-queryengine plugin to query levelup/leveldb using indexes with the mongodb query syntax (through the jsonquery module)

lev CLI/REPL/TUI for levelDB/Nodebase

level-atomic obtain locks for atomic levelup transactions

level-autotable Auto increment key table for node-levelup/leveldb

level-bufferstreams Pure buffer (multibuffer) streams for leveldb. Faster/less memory overhead than the default streams, useful for bulk operations.

level-capped Capped collections for LevelDB

level-cbatch A chainable api for batch() in levelup

level-cluster Use consistent-hashing with hash-rings to distribute reads and writes across multiple multilevel nodes.

level-co levelup wrappers for 'co'

level-condition Get notified when a condition is triggered inside a LevelDB

level-counter keep count of the elements in a sublevel

level-cursor level stream cursor

level-fs node's fs module with leveldb as backend

level-fs-browser level-fs as drop-in fs replacement for the browser

level-gc Garbage collection for levelup

level-geospatial Geospatial indexing for leveldb

level-immutable LevelDB/Levelup immutable history and database snapshotting based on ideas in datomic

level-inc Increment leveldb keys

level-index-update A module to save a document into leveldb where the old indexes are removed in the same batch as the new ones are inserted

level-indexing level indexing and finding

level-indico Simple indexing and querying for leveldb

level-list Map lists of data in a LevelDB to DOM elements.

level-lively Levelup/Leveldb implementation of LivelyDb for doing real-time data binding of a database with local javascript objects.

level-mapped-index Simple indexing for LevelUP

level-match-index Index and filter LevelDB databases and watch for future changes.

level-match-map Index your database objects in the way they will be rendered. Follows the JSON Context matcher pattern. Datasources generated from matchers, then watch for realtime changes.

level-methods Useful meta information about levelup methods.

level-microblog A simple microblog app build on leveldb/levelup

level-msgpack The msgpack encoding for level.

level-multiply Make LevelUP's get(), put() and del() accept multiples keys & values

level-namequery An intelligent search engine on top of LevelDB for Name <-> User-ID relations.

level-namequery-lmdb An intelligent search engine on top of LevelDB for Name <-> User-ID relations. [LMDB-branch]

level-namespace namespaces for levelup

level-nearby-stream Stream in nearby places using the browser's geolocation and level-places.

level-object Store objects in leveldb.

level-onion A levelup wrapper interface to add/modify behavior of a levelup instance.

level-orm Simple ORM built on leveldb/levelup

level-paginate Streaming pagination for leveldb.

level-path sensible key / range generator for levelup

level-path-index leveldb indexes for properties of items at or anywhere below a point in a materialized path

level-promise Promise'd LevelUp.

level-push Pushes JSON to your LevelDB with auto-generated UUID. Uses [level-set]( to convert JSON to LevelDB data structure.

level-q Priority queuing for leveldb/levelup

level-queryengine Search levelup/leveldb instances with pluggable query engines and pluggable indexing schemes.

level-range Find all K/V-pairs prefixed by a certain key.

level-rawcopy An optimized live-copy from one levelup instance to another.

level-reactive Reactive templating of data stored in a LevelDB.

level-relation relations and joins between sublevels

level-repl REPL for LevelUP compatible databases

level-rpc Super fast rpc mechanism for LevelUp

level-schedule Durable job scheduler based on LevelDB

level-secondary Secondary indexes for leveldb.

level-serve Streaming static file server based on LevelDB

level-session A very fast and persistent web server session manager backed by LevelDB

level-set Saves JSON to your LevelDB. Converting your JSON to LevelDB key-value pair data structure.

level-slice Stream LevelDB ranges by chunk indexes

level-store A streaming storage engine based on LevelDB.

level-stream Persist streams in leveldb.

level-stream-iterator A Level Up Addon that Implements iterator syntax over a stream.

level-sublevel-expose expose sublevels as db object properties

level-transaction Transactions, commits and rollbacks for leveldb/levelup databases.

level-tree geohash (ish) nontree (9-tree) spatial indexing for GeoJSON in LevelDB

level-trie The TRIE data structure and search algorithm, on top of leveldb.

level-ttl Adds a 'ttl' option to LevelUP for puts and batches

level-ttl-cache A pass-through cache for arbitrary objects or binary data using LevelDB, expired by a TTL

level-updater Pseudo-atomic updates for levelup

level-userdb-bench Benchmark/performance/stress-test for level-userdb

level-userdb-passport PassportJS helpers for use with level-userdb

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