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liar A modular collection of tools for asynchronous programing via promises

lie A minimal and fast promise implementation

lie-all all of the lies

lie-any any lie will do

lie-apply apply a lie

lie-cast cast a lie

lie-denodify turn a node style callback into a promise based one

lie-every every goddman lie

lie-filter filter out the lies

lie-fold fold all of the lies

lie-fs Promise wrappers for Node's FS API.

lie-iter iterate over some lies

lie-lfold fold all of the lies

lie-map map all the lies

lie-parallel tparallel lies

lie-quickeach quickly lie to each of them

lie-quickmap quickly map all the lies

lie-race the race is a lie

lie-reject reject all the lies

lie-resolve resove a lie

lie-rfold fold all of the lies from the right

lie-some lie some why don't you

lie-use use all the lies

lie-zip zip all the lies up

lie-zipwith zip it up with a lie

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