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2dgeometry Geometry of position in two dimensions

ampline amp up your command line — assign variables to output from common commands. a great complement to tab completion

arguably Command line arguments parser

async-read-lines Library for asynchronous line-by-line reading from big text files.

barycentric Converts points to barycentric coordinates

buffered-reader Binary and event-based data buffered readers.

bumpitup Bump your package version and commit

callsite access to v8's CallSites

callsites Get callsites from the V8 stack trace API

char-props Utility for looking up line and column of a character at a given index and vice versa

chardiff Character-level text diffs respecting line boundaries

chromix Chromix is a command-line and scripting utility for controlling Google chrome. It can be used, amongst other things, to create, switch, focus, reload and remove tabs.

cl-options Command line options parser, it accepts options starting with -- and a string of any length and can associate to it a shortcut which will be a letter preceded by one - only. many shortcuts can be bounded after a single dash to form somethign like -abcde where a b c d e are shortcuts for command line options. options are by default optional but they may be set as mandatory, options don't have an expected value by default but they can be set to have one. The settings for the possible options are passed to the constructor as an array of js objects.

clui A Node.js toolkit for drawing nice command line tables, gauges, and sparklines.

command-router A simple CLI router for apps with sub-commands (like git)

commandant A command line framework for node.js

comner Command line utils for node.

console-plus Logging with filenames and line numbers

d3-chart A simple D3.js chart.

dynamocmd AWS dynamodb command line utility

ep_hide_line_numbers Don't show line numbers by default

extract-flags Extract command-line arguments from a list, removing matches from the original array

findex Indexes locations of functions inside a project by the md5 hash of the function string to find them later.

flashlight Command-line tool to inspect your Node.js project dependencies for problems.

gcode-lines turns gcode states into line segments

getargv argv manager

gist-cli A gist cli client written in Node

gist-put A convenient command line utility for gists

gist-put-002 A convenient command line utility for gists

git-read-pkt-line read git packet lines (for smart protocol)

git-write-pkt-line write git packet lines (for smart remote protocol)

gitr perform git commands recursively

gl-mesh Static indexed mesh drawing for WebGL

howdoi Howdoi implementation in node.js with more options, more stackexchange sites and better text

htmldiff-cmd Command line htmldiff

iron-cache-cli Command line interface for managing Iron Caches.

json-line-protocol Stream protocol handler for CRLF-delimited JSON values

jsontocsv Convert lines of JSON data to CSV

jsonxform command line tool to transform objects in json arrays

jsq Command line tool for repacing all double quoted strings with single quoted strings in a file or directory. Usage: jsq fileOrDirectory [fileOrDirectory [..]]

kld-intersections A library of intersection algorithms covering all SVG shape types

line-by-line A NodeJS module that helps you reading large text files, line by line, without buffering the files into memory.

line-emitter Library for buffering chunks of data and emitting lines

line-info Gather information about a line based on content and cursor position

line-input-stream Convert a Node.JS Readable Stream into a Line Buffered Input Stream

line-reader Asynchronous line-by-line file reader

line-reader-sync An synced line reader from file

line-stream simple line parsing string emitting stream. tired of implementing line delimited streams ;)

line2 perform operations on infinite lines in 2 dimensions

linely Node.js line parser for text files

linereader Reading a url or file line by line.

lineReader a util help you read text file line by line

linerstream Split a readable stream by newline characters

linewise Splits a stream into lines

linewrap Word wrapping with HTML, ANSI color code, indentation and paragraphing support.

linez Parses lines from text, preserving line numbers, offsets and line endings.

lino split stream into line sized chunks

locus Line focuser

lstream stream comes in, string per line comes out

merge-object-streams Merge line by line streams operating in object mode.

mocha-multiline-reporter A multi-line reporter for mocha.

mstring Multi-line strings module for node.js

multiline Multiline strings in JavaScript

mvnr perform maven commands recursively

nash Command-line masterpieces

nextline Another simple line reader powered by NodeJS stream.

nf Node CLI Filter -- Do one liners easier

nish A Node.js Interactive shell.

node-commandline Smart command line parser and handler for node js.

nwlnr A simple node module for splitting string input by new line.

OptionParser Command-line option parser similar to getopt

pick-lines-from-file Pick several lines from file by line number.

poly-line Generate paths and cycles

polytope-closest-point Computes the closest point to a polytope in arbitrary dimensions

pomelo-cli Pomelo command line client for managing pomelo

pomodoro-timer Free Pomodoro® Technique command line web app timer.

pretty-print Print formatted data to the the command line

promptly Simple command line prompting utility

pushserve Dead-simple pushState-enabled command-line http server.

pwhash Generate password hashes from the command line.

py-test test command line client for managing

read-lines Line by line big file async reader

readability-cli Read any web page from the command line using readability.js

readfilebyline Read file line by line

readlinestream Read a file line by line

redis-benchmark-parser Parses Redis Benchmark results and lets you compare one result with other

resolve-cli Resolve path in command line

respizer A backend tool that resizes a directory of images according to configured breakpoints whilst generating Responsive I

robust-segment-intersect Exact arithmetic test for line segment intersection

runno Simple job runner for command line tasks with complex dependencies

screpl A pluggable command line scraper with REPL support.

segment2 2d line segment

segseg.closest Compute the closest point between two line segments

sepstream A stream separating utility

server-foundation A foundation for building command line server applications.

shotgun Shotgun is a UI agnostic command shell. It allows you to quickly and easily write commands and plug them into the shell framework. Unlike most other options modules or command line tools, shotgun does not make any assumptions about the UI. Shotgun could b

simple-timeseries A simple timeseries chart using D3

single-line-log Keep writing to the same line in the terminal. Very useful when you write progress bars, or a status message during longer operations

slab-decomposition Slab decomposition data structure for 2D vertical ray queries

slice-file stream file slices by line number indexes

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