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slice-file stream file slices by line number indexes

slop Overly simple, c(S)ommand Line Options Parser.

straightcurve basic 2D geometry library

stream-handler Simple stream handler that emits line events everytime a specified delimiter is returned by the server.

stream-line-wrapper Wrap each lines of a stream with a prefix, suffix or a custom function.

stream-transform-line2string A stream.Transform() to convert from newline delimited Lines to Strings.

stream-transform-parse2line A stream.Transform() to convert from an incoming stream to Lines.

stream-transform-string2line A stream.Transform() to convert from Strings to newline delimited Lines.

surrender draw lines and shapes on the terminal

svg-line Generate SVG paths for a line, d3-style

sylvester node.js implementation of James Coglan's "Sylvester" matrix math library.

sync-prompt Synchronously prompt your user for command-line input.

syntax-error detect and report syntax errors in source code strings

termhelper Allow processing of key press events and strings on enter key. Log input and output. Execute terminal commands and more.

traceback Easy access to the call stack, written in pure JavaScript

translocator Convert line-column locations to ranges and vice-versa.

turf a node.js library for performing geospatial operations with geojson

turf-linestring turf lineString module

turf-midpoint turf midpoint module

underscoreunderscore Underscore Underscore gives you magic variables to figure out what file (or line or column) you are in, get a stack trace, or know what code called the current file. Sometimes you just need node's __file magic variable or console.trace() function.

undirender render undirected graphs in the terminal

unix-cmd Provides simple functions for executing command line file.

vishull2d Visible regions for 2D poly-lines

voxel-raycast Ray queries for voxel.js

wsend wsend: the opposite of wget

yanop Yet Another Node Option Parser

yslow Commnad line version of YSlow web performance analysis tool from HAR files

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