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clie-lines Emit lines

fileinput A class and functions to quickly write a loop over standard input or a list of files

filenotify Watchs a file and emits 'data' events containging new data/lines in file

flavored-wc wc command ported to Node.js with additional features

flavored-wc-native wc command ported to Node.js with additional features

gulp-sloc-simply Gulp plugin to log number of source lines of code

js-2dmath Fast 2d geometry math: Vector2, Rectangle, Circle, Matrix2x3 (2D transformation), Circle, BoundingBox, Line2, Segment2, Intersections, Distances, Transitions (animation/tween), Random numbers, Noise

jsontocsv Convert lines of JSON data to CSV

lines tiny utility for line per line processing with streams

linez Parses lines from text, preserving line numbers, offsets and line endings.

lino split stream into line sized chunks

pick-lines-from-file Pick several lines from file by line number.

read-lines Line by line big file async reader

segmenter To segment a set of chunks from strings or streams

svg-path-parser A parser for SVG's path syntax

trunkata Truncation utility which preserves HTML content and can truncate by lines.

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