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common-dustjs-helpers A small library of "standard" helper functions for the Dust.js web templating framework.

count-shares Returns JSON with a number of shares for a URL

dustbuster cli and node module to compile dust.js templates

duster prime a dust.cache

dustify Dustify: the dustjs template compiler

dusting cli and node module to compile dust.js templates

express-linkedin-connect Adds linkedin connect routes to any express site

grunt-dust-html Grunt task to render Dust templates to HTML

hellojs A clientside Javascript library for standardizing requests to OAuth2 web services (and OAuth1 - with a shim)

insframe Central hub for distributing web apps to multiple browsers on multiple environments

leader-google-linkedin-company A leader plugin to google for a LinkedIn company url

linkage Do raw requests to LinkedIn REST API using OAuth2 access tokens

linkedin-js Minimalistic linkedin API client

linkedin-js-patched Minimalistic linkedin API client

node-linkedin LinkedIn 2.0 compatible wrapper in node.js

notifyit Simple notification tool, designed to publish notifications.

passport-jtnt-linkedin minor modification to jared hanson's excellent LinkedIn authentication strategy for Passport.

passport-linkedin LinkedIn authentication strategy for Passport.

passport-linkedin-oauth2 Passport for LinkedIn Oauth2

scribe-node Scribe java OAuth library port to node.js

seneca-linkedin-auth linkedin auth plugin for seneca-auth

shares Get Share/Like/Upvote counts for any URL

socialmeter Multi-Social Meter json api for Node

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