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aether Analyzes, instruments, and transpiles JS to help beginners.

anvil.csslint CSSLint plugin for anvil.js

autolint Autolint watches your files for jslint-errors.

bob Convention-based build tool for node.js projects.

broccoli-eslint broccoli filter that runs eslint

buildorch A Simple CLI based utility to Build, Beat and Bundle (b3), a NodeJs Application.

buildr The (Java|Coffee)Script and (CSS|Less) (Builder|Bundler|Packer|Minifier|Merger|Checker)

classdojo-coffeelint Lint your CoffeeScript ClassDojo-style

codebux calculate technical debt

coffeelint Lint your CoffeeScript

coffeelint-stylish Stylish reporter for CoffeeLint runtime

component-lint Component lint tool

crlint JS lint tool based on complexity reports

csslinter CSS linter

defs Static scope analysis and transpilation of ES6 block scoped const and let variables, to ES3.

docpad-plugin-buildr Adds support for Buildr to DocPad

durable-json-lint A Json Lint library that can parse and partially correct dirty Json.

eslint An Esprima-based pattern checker for JavaScript.

eslint-json JSON formatter (reporter) for ESLint

eslint-stylish Stylish ESLint formatter (reporter)

eslint-tap TAP formatter (reporter) for ESLint

fixmyjs Automatically fixes your JavaScript based on lint rules

forge insert something here

fs-lint File naming consistency verification tool.

grunt-anylint Validate (set of) files over custom rules

grunt-buildfiles Build and set javascript, css, html, and less assets dynamically for other grunts tasks (jshint, concat, uglify) and to build index.html and other grunt template files

grunt-eslint Validate files with ESLint - A tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript

grunt-flake8 Lint your Python projects with flake8

grunt-flexpmd A Grunt task plugin for running FlexPMD to lint/analyze apps built on Adobe Flex/ActionScript/MXML/Flash/AIR/etc. Think of it as "ASLint"/"FlexLint".

grunt-html5-lint HTML5 validation

grunt-jqlint validate JavaScript files with jqlint

grunt-jshint2 A JSHint task with caching and asynchonous linting.

grunt-jslint Validates JavaScript files with JSLint

grunt-lesslint Grunt task for validating LESS files with CSS Lint

grunt-lint-bash Grunt task for validating bash scripts

grunt-lint-inline Grunt task for linting inline javascript

grunt-linter Validates JavaScript files with JSLint or JSHint

grunt-lintspaces A Grunt task for checking spaces in files

grunt-mdlint Runs mdlint to lint JavaScript code blocks in your project's markdown files

grunt-phplint A Grunt 4.0 task for running phplint on your php files

grunt-recess Lint and minify CSS and LESS

grunt-scss-lint Validate `.scss` files with `scss-lint`.

grunt-scsslint Linting your scss with scss-lint

gulp-coffeelint Lint your CoffeeScript using gulp and CoffeeLint

gulp-csscomb CSScomb is a coding style formatter for CSS.

gulp-eslint A gulp plugin for processing files with eslint

gulp-jscs Check JavaScript code style with jscs

gulp-jslint The classic and strict javascript lint-tool for gulp.js

gulp-json-lint JSON linter Gulp plugin

gulp-jsonlint A jsonlint plugin for Gulp

gulp-jsvalidate Validate JavaScript code and report possible syntax errors

gulp-lintspaces gulp-lintspaces ===============

gulp-recess Lint CSS and LESS with RECESS

gulp-tslint TypeScript linter Gulp plugin

html-minifier HTML minifier with lint-like capabilities.

html5-lint HTML Validation using Mozilla's HTML5 Validator instance

ilint web testing

jake-jshint The runner in this repository provides a convenient front-end to JSHint, a linter for Javascript. It should also work for JSLint.

jheri-curl JSON Lint + CURL

joblint Test tech job specs for issues with sexism, culture, expectations, and recruiter fails.

jqlint static analysis of jQuery usage

jscs-trailing-comma JSCS rules around trailing commas in object/array literals

jsfail JsFail is a website containing a collection of JavaScript and Json tools glued together from awesome open source projects from around the net.

jshint-json JSON reporter for JSHint

jshint-runner Command-line runner for JSHint (

jshint-stylish Stylish reporter for JSHint

jshint-stylish-ex Stylish reporter for JSHint with styling options

jshint-summary JSHint reporter based on Stylish with configurable colours

jshinter wrapper around JSHint that lets you call it from Node.

jsl a modular js linter

jslint The JavaScript Code Quality Tool

jslint-core The JavaScript Code Quality Tool

json-lint JSON Lint with comments

jsonlint Validate JSON

jsonlint-js extended linting of JSON-formatted text

jsonlint-lines Validate JSON with line numbers

jsxhint Wrapper for JSHint to allow hinting of JSX files

katt-util KATT utilities for KATT blueprints.

koala-t Koala-t checks for code quality

kolint Lint for application code which uses Knockout.js

lab-lint Lint test to be integrated into the lab test system.

lesscsslint CSSLint for Less.

linter Code quality tools collection in one module

lintroller Lint your JavaScript and HTML code and output errors to a log file. Convenient for pre-commit hooks and build systems to maintain code quality.

lintspaces Library for checking spaces in files

mdlint Lints markdown files to find JavaScript syntax errors

mimosa A lightning-fast, modular, next generation browser development tool.

mimosa-canary A modern browser development toolkit and application assembler. Compile, lint, optimize, serve and more.

mimosa-coffeelint A CoffeeLinting module for Mimosa

mimosa-csslint A CSSLint module for Mimosa

mimosa-eslint A ESLint module for Mimosa

mimosa-jshint A JSHint module for Mimosa

mimosa-lint Linting module for Mimosa browser development workflow tool

modulelint Check the module

mtfe_v dirty and quick hybrid app development helper

nbob Ex Machina's frontend build tool

nerio A safe subset of JavaScript for running untrusted third-party code.

nlint Full project linting.

node-cpplint Validates C++ files with cpplint

node-jslint CommonJS bindings for JSLint.

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