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connected Error first callback for listening on the server.

ears messaging framework for communicating with running node.js applications over http

grunt-listen Bridge between Grunt and Listen gem.

gulp-watch-network Watch File Events received over the Network using net.connect and Listen A hook that listens to an amqp queue and forwards messages to the bus

http-monitor Monitor an http application, and invoke if the server status changes. Both a module and a commandline tool.

jandal Manage events, callbacks and rooms over a socket connection

listen-spawn Start a HTTP server which runs commands when pinged.

listenify Partially applied DOM event listeners

listenrange Simple tool to listen on lots of ports.

mongo-oplog-watcher Watch the MongoDB operation log for events

net-cluster a drop-in replacement for node's net module that works in a sane way when clustered

object-subscribe Unobtrusive object subscribe / watch / bind

socketio-transport socketio-transport will allow you to define request handlers on the server side and to access them from the client side.

transport a hub for centralizing all your request handlers within your application

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