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domev cancel events. obtain elements from events.

domy-events Map DOM events to DOM elements (optionally with delegation)

drag-listener listen to and fire a drag event on a dom element

emitter-listener (Meta)observability for EventEmitters.

error-inject inject an error listener into a stream

ev Fast event emitter - compatible with node's EventEmitter but faster!

event-emitter Cross-environment event emitter

event-plugin Declaratively add event listeners to your views.

eventhook add and remove functions to events on named-properties

eventhookmulti add and remove functions to multiple time-throttled string-named events

eventi Powerful application events and event handling, made easy.

events-binding EventEmitter with amqp style binding for messages

express-cluster Simple drop-in for express apps to spawn multiple processes

glob-events Event emitter with glob support on event names

hey An event driven file watcher for NodeJS with some sugar Filesystem Watcher hook for

hub-namespace Namespaces for hub.js

hubjs Pub/Sub oriented JavaScript for Node and the browser

iota-observable JavaScript library for making objects observable

lsn Add and remove listener events on elements in the document.

mefirst Attach an event listener to run first

monologue.js EventEmitter replacement with AMQP-style bindings and other advanced features. Compatible with postal.js's API.

nanoemitter Tiny event emitter

node-binder Mixin class for managing bindings in Node.js

oplog-listener A Node.JS utility for listening to MongoDB changes using oplog

pubsub.js Vanilla JS Pubsub implementation with wildcards and inheritance

siphon Siphon multiple event listeners to a single function.

soma-events Event shim and dispatcher to use the DOM 3 event syntax everywhere

storekeeper Simple name value storage with emitted events.

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