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adhoc Start a web server in that directory. This instant! (like python -m SimpleHTTPServer on steroids)

another-livereload Another LiveReload Server in Node.js Version

barkeep Serve the contents of a directory and livereload those that change.

better-livereload Better LiveReload server

buddy-server A simple asset server and livereload server for Buddy projects.

buildfresh Runs a command then reloads your browser when files change

calaxa calaxa ======

connect-livereload connect middleware for adding the livereload script to the response

connect-livereload-safe A safer way to inject livereload during development.

decors a simple, temporary, reusable reverse proxy, with benefits. designed for prototyping js apps by serving static files, live code reloads, and CORS bypassing Design and Test Your App in Real-Time from TextMate

docpad-plugin-livereload Automatically refreshes your website whenever a rengeration is performed

docpad-plugin-tinylivereload DocPad plugin that adds the ability to do livereload with crhome plugin and without adding any additional code to your html

g33k-packer Live assets packer with uglify/less/htmlminifier with live reload support

generator-angoo A AngularJS, RequireJS, Bootstrap, jQuery stack project Yeoman generator. It comes with livereload and all APIs set throught RequireJS

generator-barry A generator for Yeoman. Generator that gives you ability to rapidly scaffold a front-end development app. With Jade and Stylus.

generator-gulp-rk Yeoman generator using gulp.js.

generator-jade-sass-gulp Generator for jade, sass, and gulp

generator-klei A Yeoman generator for generating awesome module or app boilerplates! MEAN-stack (all parts optional) with scalability in mind and with Grunt and Bower sweetness..

generator-simplewebapp A generator for a simple web app that is opinionated about scss, jade, and coffeescript

generator-starter A website starter generator for Yeoman

generator-statik A generator for Yeoman for sitebuilding

generator-ultimate ULTIMATE Yeoman generator for ultimate-seed - full-stack AngularJS + Node.js/Express seed that makes web developers insanely productive.

grunt-boilerplate Grunt.js Boilerplate, dedicated to work with coffeescript, compass and livereload

grunt-contrib-livereload Reload assets live in the browser

grunt-este-watch Run predefined tasks whenever watched file changes. LiveReload included.

grunt-express Start (and supervise) an Express.js web server using grunt.js, works well with

grunt-livereload Refresh your CSS (or page) with each save via LiveReload.

gulp-connect Gulp plugin to run a webserver (with LiveReload)

gulp-connect-multi A fork of gulp-connect with multiple servers support

gulp-embedlr A gulp plugin for embedding a livereload snippet into html files

gulp-livereload Gulp plugin for livereload.

gulp-script-inject A gulp plugin to inject JS variables after reading from a directory

gulp-tree A gulp plugin to create tree JSON from directory. Used for tapestry app

hexo-livereload LiveReload plugin for Hexo

instant drop-in replacement for connect.static with live-reload support

instant-server instant development server with live-reload support

james-reload browser reload plugin for james.js

koa-livereload Livereload script loader for Koa

lingon-livereload Livereload plugin for Lingon

live-refresh Live refresh

liveload A server which detect the file change and reload the resource at client side automatically

livereloadx An implementation of the LiveReload 2 server in Node.js

livewatch LiveReload compatible filesystem watcher and build system runner

lr Livereload interface for hackers

md-server A constant markdown file parsing, watching and reload server.

minir Mini Live Reload Server

nodebb-plugin-livereload Add a live-reload tag to the forum (intended for development)

orangevolt-livereload A grunt connect task middleware for live editing Github md files ( or even Github wiki pages) by just using Grunt.

plumber-livereload Live reload operation for Plumber pipelines

rewatch Watch and execute command

serveur Simple command-line file / directory server built with connect

simple-autoreload-server Simple Web Server with live/autoreload features without browser extensions.

simple-livereload For chrome browser only, have to install livereload plugin

watch-connect A connect/express middleware that force browsers to reload when the server detects file changes.

watchel Auto watch/compilation/LiveReload for a myriad of frontend languages

wintersmith-livereload LiveReload plugin for Wintersmith

zapp http server with live reloading, templates, markdown, and scss

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