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a3 a3 loads any folder of code into an 'API Tree'

aml A simple asynchronous module loader with dependency management.

amm a cross-browser javascript module manager

autoprefixer-loader Autoprefixer loader for webpack

autorequire Automatically requires source for a module/project, provided you follow a convention.

axloader This is a library for loading assets files in batches. It works well for HTML5 games and for large web apps.

bare-objects Shorthand notation for Object.create(null) via node module hook

basket.js A script-loader that handles caching scripts in localStorage where supported

bulk-loader Load all files matching a regex and performs a callback on them.

bunchitos Loads a bunch of Node.js modules by a given prefix.

carryall-packer Generates files for use with the Carryall.js script loader.

ccjs client side common js

chix-loader Definition Loader for Chiχ

chix-loader-fs FS Loader for Chiχ

chix-loader-remote Remote Component Loader for Chiχ

chug The caching build system

cjson cjson - Commented Javascript Object Notation. It is a json loader, which parses only valide json files, but with comments enabled. Usefull for loading configs.

cjson-papandreou cjson - Commented Javascript Object Notation. It is a json loader, which parses only valide json files, but with comments enabled. Usefull for loading configs.

cloader Abstraction layer of require().

confed Dead Simple Configuration for NodeJS applications based on nconf

configdir-loader Loads environment-specific configuration files into a config object.

confisto Configuration loader with directory support and a clean API

curl-amd curl.js is small, fast, extensible module loader that handles AMD, CommonJS Modules/1.1, CSS, HTML/text, and legacy scripts.

defur Defer construction of a service until it is needed.

defuse.js define it, then use it.

derby-lang-fs Filesystem translation loader for Derby Lang.

derconf Simple environment aware config loader

dotdot Replaced with to shorten common JS syntax under node

dynmod Node module loader (e.g. replacement for the 'require' command for npm packages) with auto-install support and ability to handle multiple versions

easy-config Configuration loader for node using object extending and input from files and command line

easyioc Stupidly simple recursive IoC service provider.

entitydef Simple JSON Definition Loader using findit

env-config-loader Simple node.js config loader inspired by The Twelve-Factor App

es6-module-loader An ES6 Module Loader shim

exchange-rates NB: this module is deprecated and replaced by the new 'open-exchange-rates' module, available at

exedra Routes && Functions loader for express

express-routing-loader Loader for Express web server router

filefetcher Node.js utility; stupidly-simple recursive / non-recursive project file fetcher.

fixtures-loader A Fixtures loader lib

geartrain Simple Javascript dependency management

grunt-browser-dependencies Downloads javascript files from the web

grunt-json-htmltemplate Creates a json object out of html templates

grunt-labjs-template Create labjs template

grunt-load-options A simple plugin to modularize your Gruntfile by putting options and tasks in a `grunt` subfolder.

handlebars-load-tree Load handlebars templates and partials from a directory, recursively.

helperloader Help you structure and load all of your helpers easier

image-loadr Asynchronous image loader

images-loader Ultra performant dependences free images loader

initialise Lazy initialization / require wrapper. Makes sure you only load the modules once when you need them.

jerrat Yet another javascript framework

jigsaw Plugin loader for extensible node.js projects

jugglingdb-model-loader An extended JugglingDB Schema class to help with loading model definitions from separate files.

loader Assets loader.

loaderio Node JS library

lumbar-loader Lumbar module loader

miss.js a javascript module manager

module-loader own module load

mongoload A small and simple Mongoose model loader/initiator

mr A refresh-only CommonJS module system for browsers, used in Montage

my my JavaScript module system

naked-objects Shorthand notation for Object.create(null) via node module hook

need Advanced node.js script loader with comparisons to built-in require

neue A minimal web font loader

nii Node fast development framework, inspired by Yii!

nodeplugs Node plugin loader

nx-core JavaScript Class System and Base functions.

ocl A git-style command parser for Optimist: the Optimist Command Loader.

omgobj OMG OBJ is an OBJ mesh reader in JavaScript. It was written for use in Plask (, but is applicable elsewhere.

open-exchange-rates nodeJS/npm wrapper for the Open Exchange Rates API

pepper Configuration / controller loader for Express.

pkghub a package hub for human, based on NPM iteself.

plugin-loader Dynamic plugin discovery and loading for node.js applications

pluse a plugin loader for human, based on NPM iteself

pms PMS package builder/loader for NodeJS

progress-svg Circular progress indicator using SVG

pseudo A simple loader of actions and middlewares for express.js

qimage Simple Promise Image Loader based on Q

r42-yaml YAML loader for r42

ractive-loader ractive template loader module for webpack

raptor RaptorJS provides an AMD module loader that works in Node, Rhino and the web browser. It also includes various sub-modules to support building optimized web applications.

raptor-amd RaptorJS provides an AMD module loader that works in Node, Rhino and the web browser. It also includes various sub-modules to support building optimized web applications.

raptor-cache Simple cache implementation

raptor-dust Support module for integrating Dust and RaptorJS

rave-load-css Adds css stylesheet loading to RaveJS based on file extensions.

rave-load-text Adds text loading to rave.js based on file extensions.

recursive-loader Load modules recursive and save them in an object.

require-kernel A reference implementation of a CommonJS module loader.

require-loader Add/Remove module dynamically when there is change in the specified directory

require-tree require() whole directory trees

route-loader Simple route loader for express. Enables you to list your routes on a json file instead of adding code to your main application file for each new route.

sass-loader SASS loader for Webpack

scriptjs Asyncronous JavaScript loader and dependency manager

seajs A Module Loader for the Web

simpleamdloader A simple reaction - provided with name it loads a module by this name using AMD. Never invokes done(error)

sl Script Loader

sql-load AMD plugin for loading SQL

stylus-loader Stylus loader for webpack

taxi.js A javascript loader for loading client side bundles on demand.

tiki A package manager and module loader for the browser.

wreq node-style require()s in the browser without a compile step

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