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angular-loading-bar An automatic loading bar for AngularJS

blueimp-load-image JavaScript Load Image is a library to load images provided as File or Blob objects or via URL. It returns an optionally scaled and/or cropped HTML img or canvas element. It also provides a method to parse image meta data to extract Exif tags and thumbnails and to restore the complete image header after resizing.

chainloading Allows you to chain together jQuery deferreds or functions

coffee-conf Write your config files in coffee-script.

dsjslib Implementation of commonly used datastructures and utilities in Javascript.

easyioc Stupidly simple recursive IoC service provider.

glslifyify A browserify transform stream for glslify

grunt-load-perf Grunt task for generating visual report to measure web applications loading and rendering performance.

happy-load Improves loading screen morale.

infinity-component infinite scrolling with loading and unloading

jquery-loading Shows loading progress animation, flexible and pretty =)

loading loading dir files as module to an object

loading-bar A quick-and-dirty loading bar for use in your larger demos

mongo-loader Loads data from json files into a database and can remove as well, useful for testing and seeding a database"

progger Colorful progress meter for events of unknown time & magnitude.

progress-component Progress indicator component

react-spinner Zero configuration loading spinner.

require_tree Recursive Package like Module and JSON Loading for Nodejs

script-load Given a URL, asynchronously load a script in the browser.

spin-component Higher level spinner API

spinner-browserify Flexible spinner using Canvas

spinner-component Flexible spinner using Canvas

spinner-component2 Flexible spinner using Canvas

spinning Fullscreen spinner overlay

surrender-cube surrender to the cube!

topbar Tiny & beautiful site-wide progress indicator

zebraclass zebraClass is a createClass extensions that uses its lazy-loading functionality to provide an easy-to-use interface for shared inheritances. Requires createClass.

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