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algorithmbox A metaheuristic algorithm development framework for solving discrete optimization problem

backbone-localstorage Backbone localStorage

daproxy Reverse proxy and static server for local development

ears messaging framework for communicating with running node.js applications over http

easy-require Wrapper around require that supports paths from the application root and requiring directories as namespaces

fetchjs Get local copies of client side JS libraries

flightplan Library for streamlining application deployment or systems administration tasks

geppetto SOA local development made easy. Run multiple processes with defined and common ENV's

gfms Github Flavored Markdown Server

grunt-local-settings Grunt plugin for loading and merge settings from grunt config file

grunt-model-settings Grunt plugin for loading and merge settings from grunt config file

grunt-url-image-crawler Crawl your CSS/SCSS or HTML files for img URL's and store the crawled image URL's in a local JSON file.

gulp-module-system Gulp plugin to combine files into a module system. Great for creating browser compatible releases of Node.js libraries

head-hunter Hunt heads in web requests. Let's you proxy HTTP requests and watch headers for requests matching your description

itunescontrol Search and play tracks from local iTunes library.

jsave Save and load JSON to and from disk.

katon Automatically start your Node based projects and serve them locally on .dev domains

lexical-scope detect global and local lexical identifiers from javascript source code

local-config Load a local config file (.js or .json) as a global module.

local-lib Load a local library as a global module.

local-observable-store An observable data-store that persists in local storage

local-server Minimal zero-dependency static web server

local-store A localStorage based store with name spacing

local-version A "package.json" version number fetcher for local Node module installations. Async and sync.

localserver Local Static HTTP Server

locu Unofficial API bindings for Locu's API

mw-cls Advanced CLS (continuation local storage) middleware for express, restify, ...

mysql-dynamo A solution to use the `simple-dynamo` interface with a MySQL database. So you can create a offline version of a AWS-DynamoDB project.

node-cache Simple and fast NodeJS internal caching. Node internal in memory cache

nodehost Local node.js host for node based website development.

nodns A minimal, easy and local alternative to running a DNS server.

npm-local Get a local copy of all modules known to npm

nvm Install and managing different versions of node and installing local versions into repos.

nws Launch a node-powered static web server in the current working directory.

passport-email-verification Email verification strategy for Passport.

passport-local Local username and password authentication strategy for Passport.

passport-local-code Local username and password authentication strategy for Passport.

passport-local-forms Local username and password authentication strategy for Passport via Forms.

passport-local-with-redirect Local username and password authentication strategy for Passport.

passport-nopassword No-password authentication strategy for Passport.

passport-username Local username authentication strategy for Passport.

published-locals 'require' project specific modules/files just like 3rd party ones i.e. no relative paths. Great for project config.

pult Access local servers on .dev domains

require-cwd Load locally-installed packages from a globally-installed package

resolve-git-branch Resolves the currently checked out branch of the git repository in the current directory.

simplifidb Ease of use wrapper around IndexedDB

static-here A command-line tool for creating a static file server from the current working directory.

static-server A simple http server to serve static resource files from a local directory.

stevejobs Simplistic in-memory job/worker manager with rate limiting and custom worker counts

strider-local Provides local repositories

thelinuxlich-flightplan Library for streamlining application deployment or systems administration tasks

uam-example Example uam local web application and package.json

visualforce-local Enables local development of Visualforce single-page web apps. Intended for development ONLY - not intended for production use.

zuul-mp Runs your mocha tests with zuul and phantomjs locally or on a build server.

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