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daemonsauce Just add Daemon Sauce to turn your app into a daemon.

eventhookmulti add and remove functions to multiple time-throttled string-named events

fnlock Locking for function calls and queuing on lock

gridfs-locking-stream Writable/Readable Nodejs compatible GridFS streams with locking for safe concurrent access

gridfs-locks Distributed read/write locking based on MongoDB, designed to make GridFS safe for concurrent access

halocksmith Distributed locking mechanism using haredis

hold Ensures async function is only called once and caches results for other calls.

huskies-lock Lock method according to options, is huskies framework's middle.

interact a readable stream of mouse view events, wrapping up pointer-lock and drag-stream

level-mutex Mutex read/write lock for levelup.

locker Full-featured client for locker lock server with timeouts support

locker-server lock server written in node.js

lockfile A very polite lock file utility, which endeavors to not litter, and to wait patiently for others.

lockfn Collection of function locking objects.

lockmethod lock method for node.js

lockredis Simple locking utility on top of Redis

lockserver A distributed locking client/server implementation

locksmith distributed locking mechanism using redis

lockup Lockup uses a certain lock file to queue and deal with inter-process asynchronous resources.

locky User / resource locking system.

node-redis-warlock Battle-hardened distributed locking using redis

npm-cache-lock I am locking during installations

padlock Padlock works to prevent unexpected code execution when dealing with asynchronous callbacks without blocking. Call a function with lock to execute it as soon as a lock can be attained, and unlock it at all of your possible callback end-points. Use the same lock on other functions that you don't want to interrupt. Code will execute in order as the lock can be acquired.

patterncaptcha Android like pattern matching captcha system for your node webapps.

pidlock Simple PID-based solution to ensure at most one instance of a node.js app is running.

pointer-lock pointer lock polyfill that presents an eventemitter / stream api

pointer-trap Trap the user's cursor within an element for nicer game controls.

primus-locky Primus locky is a primus plugin for locky, it provides a room based locking.

readwritelock A read/write lock for node.

readyness know when your service is up and running

redis-exp-lock Distributed lock using Redis and Lua

redis-locking-worker Event based implementation of global worker locks using Redis

redis-lockr A redis lock implementation.

redis-paired-worker A job worker solution that is robust, concurrent and highly available for Node.js using redis.

redis-worker Event based implementation of global worker locks using Redis

rlock distributed lock for nodejs using redis

schlock Poorly-crafted in-process lock broker

sequester A read/write lock for evented operations

tcplock A proxy that only allows one connection through on a given port at a time.

timelock Lock resources with a timeout

tusker Redis based distributed task locking

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