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consologger A simple logger so you can manage all your 'console.log()' from a main lib. Coloured output, dynamic prefixing, and on/off switch. Feel free to make requests, report bugs, and suggest ideas.

coolog Colorful logging in NodeJS.

couchdb-log-parse A program for parsing CouchDB logs

cp-logger A tiny lightweight logger module used by many codeProgressive projects.

crafity-log4js Port of Log4js to work with node and crafity-logging.

credential Easy password hashing and verification in Node. Protects against brute force, rainbow tables, and timing attacks.

ctxobj Objects with context, especially good for contextual logging

custom-logger Simple yet highly customizable console logger for node.js. Supports templating output, custom log levels, custom log types, and colored output.

daemonsauce Just add Daemon Sauce to turn your app into a daemon.

daily daily - A LevelDB based logging system

dbug debug improvements

debug small debugging utility

debug-nocolors small debugging utility

debug2 small debugging utility

delog Node Debug Logger

demi-logger Demi.js middleware for advanced logging

depesche Nodepoint for all your logs and where they should go

dev-logger A logger utility can be easily swiched between dev development and production mode. This tool supports: * built-in log rotation; * colorized log message; * 4 log levels and custom log level output; * caching log messages

dever A dev helper.

devnull A simple logger with automatic function detection.

di-debug A colorful console.log

dk A very simple but extremely useful collection of tools for quickly debugging your node projects.

dlog Duplika ( logging library.

docparse-logger winston based logger for use in the docparse project

drifter Just passing through: a log collection infrastructure

drifter-rsyslog rsyslog plugin for drifter

ee-log simple, helpful & colorful logs

elf-logger A Node.js library for configurable HTTP logging following the W3C Extended Log File Format

emit-logger event logger for EventEmitter

epitaph errors, in memoriam

euh.js A JavaScript console wrapper.

event-logger EventLogger can be used for simple logging and audit logging - but also as a timer for test and debugging

evo-elements Evo Cloud Basic Elements

explog exportable server logs

express-winston express.js middleware for flatiron/winston

extlog Easy, clear and colored logging

fabrique-log a simple logger-implementation to handle logging in fabrique.

fedtools-logs Terminal logs for nodejs

feedback Fancier console.log for Node.js cli apps

femto-logger a small logging utility

file-log Extends node.js console to work with log file, log levels and log reopen by signal.

file-tail Like tail -F command in unix. Runs on Windows (no Contains command line version.

filelog yet another file logger, with level control.

flinger Flinger flings logs from your browser clients back to your node servers so you can see what your users are up to.

flock-logger A simple DB Logging Module for flock Apps.

formaterrors API that provides formatting and highlight options for errors and their stack trace

fsr-logger Simple wrapper over file-stream-rotator that lets you make easy loggers

ftrace A simple library that traces function calls.

fuzelog A simple node.js logger fusing log.js with log4js's layouts and colors, supporting console and file logging.

gelf gelf is a full implementation for sending messages in GELF (Graylog Extended Log Format) from node.js

get-off-my-log My JavaScript logging library for node and browser. Probably lamer than the other log libraries, but this one is mine so nerr.

git-log Git log stream using jsgit

git-release-notes Generate beautiful release notes from a git log.

git-today Tells you about your LOC for a given day

gitlog node-gitlog ===========

gitme A command line tool to see your git commits across multiple projects

gitteh-log walking over history with gitteh

good Server and process monitoring plugin

groundskeeper Pragmas and console statements remover

groundskeeper-brunch Clean javascript files, remove console.log ect... using groundskeeper

grunt-attention Display attention-grabbing messages in the terminal

grunt-content Display beautiful, informative content in a Grunt task.

grunt-log-headers Hide the running task name header in Grunt's logger.

grunt-logger Logging data for each Grunt deployment in files

grunt-remove-calls Grunt task to remove method calls statements

grunt-remove-logging Grunt task to remove console logging statements

grunt-strip-debug Strip console and debugger statements from JavaScript code

grunt-verbosity Adjust verbosity for individual grunt tasks

gulp-cleanhtml Removes unneeded whitespaces, line-breaks, comments, etc from HTML

gulp-debug Debug vinyl file streams

gulp-filelog A gulp plugin that logs out the file names in the stream. Displays a count and if empty. Useful for debugging.

gulp-log-capture captures logs from any other gulp plugin in the pipe

gulp-print Prints names of files to the console so that you can see what's in the pipe.

gulp-removelogs gulp plugin to remove console.logs

gulp-size Display the size of your project

gulp-strip-debug Strip console and debugger statements from JavaScript code

gulp-tslint-log tslint plugin for gulp

gulp-using Lists all files used

h-log A simple log manager.

hdt history document tool

heroku-log-filter Filter heroku logs and retain the color.

heya-ice ICE: logging, debugging, and assert facility.

homephr-logger a simple logging module

hook-stdfoo Hook process stdout and stderr.

hook-stdio Hook process stdout and stderr.

houston NodeJS logging framework

hubot-logger A logger script for Hubot

inspect-stream Inspects a nodejs stream 2+ and logs the data that's coming through.

intel I need more intel.

intel-syslog A syslog handler for intel.

iron-log-entry A log entry/error object that will provide stack traces and child entires

jog JSON logging & reporting

jog-stdstore Provides StdStore for jog

jog2 JSON logging & reporting

jogger A Javascript logger.

jslogger JSLogger library

kaizen ExpressJS Log Middleware

kaizen-mongodb MongoDB Kazien Adapter

kaldr Simple logger for client-side errors

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