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access-logger Extensive access logger middleware

accesslog Simple common/combined access log middleware

afflux-listener Listener client for afflux

afflux-logger Logger client for afflux

afflux-server afflux-server.js is a server log message that dispatch log messages to differents storage with the help of a router.

aflux Logger client for logman

alogger A simple logger

ansi-logger Console logger with support for colors and log levels, it complies to the default console.log interface, with methods like log,error,warn,debug and extended with some extra levels for nice formatting purposes.

apx-winston Winston Logger initializer for APX API server

architect-log4js Architect plugin to provide logging facilities.

arsenic-logger Simple, easy to read log statements with stack trace in Node.js. Now supports the ArsenicLogger cloud logging service.

atma-logger Logger | Formatter + Color

ax A simple logging library

basiclogger node.js Basic Logger

binford-logger A bare-bones log4j-like logger

binford-slf4j SLF4J-like adapter for JavaScript

blammo Blammo! Logger for NodeJS - built after LogBack for Java

blammo-mongodb-appender MongoDB appender for Blammo

bland Console logger for node, saving you customising just to use console.debug

blocklog A simple and adaptable stream-based logging lib for node.js

bobble Yet another node.js logger

book flexible node.js logging library

booker An easy-to-use but powerful node.js command-line logger

bottle Transport-agnostic logging

buggr Better Debug and Logging for Node.js

bunyan-env Bunyan logger working with ENV vars

bunyan-format Writable stream that formats bunyan records that are piped into it.

bunyan-promise Bunyan formatted tracking of outstanding promises, progress, errors, and resolution times.

bunyan-request-logger Automated request logging connect middleware for Express. Powered by Bunyan.

bunyan-serializers A few customized serializers for the bunyan logging framework

bunyan-socket Bundle up all of your bunyan log messages by streaming them to one bunyan-server.

bunyan-yal-server extensible log server for bunyan (via bunyan-axon)

caber_logger A logger with multiple outputs

caprese Capped Log for Node.js

captains-log Simple wrapper around Winston to allow for declarative configuaration

caterpillar Caterpillar is the ultimate logging system for Node.js, based on transform streams you can log to it and pipe the output off to different locations, including some pre-made ones. Caterpillar also supports log levels according to the RFC standard, as well as line, method, and file fetching for messages. You can even use it in web browsers with caterpillar-browser.

caterpillar-browser Use [Caterpillar]( within Web Browsers! (even includes support for colors!)

caterpillar-filter Filter out undesired log levels from your [Caterpillar]( logger stream

caterpillar-human Turn your [Caterpillar]( logger stream into a beautiful readable format with colors and optional debug information

ccl BETA VERSION, USE ON YOUR OWN RISK. Colored, context-enabled logger.

chromelogger Log and inspect your server-side code in the Chrome console using Chrome Logger

cinovo-logger Async logger for Node.js with multiple endpoints.

cinovo-logger-aws AWS SQS or SNS endpoint for cinovo-logger.

cinovo-logger-console Console endpoint for cinovo-logger.

cinovo-logger-file File endpoint for cinovo-logger.

cinovo-logger-loggly Loggly endpoint for cinovo-logger.

cinovo-logger-notificationcenter Max OS X Notification Center endpoint for cinovo-logger. Socket.IO wrapper for cinovo-logger.

cinovo-logger-syslog Syslog endpoint for cinovo-logger.

cli-logger Logger implementation for command line interfaces

cloud-log Cloud logging node

clumber A port of lumber in coffeescript

cluster-file-writer write to a single file from a cluster

cluster-log Cluster logging plugin

cnlogger Logging lib that prints module name and line number

co-logger Winston based logger for CompoundJS

cologger Colorful, simple, customizable logger

colorlog Color logger with streaming reader

coloured-log Combines "coloured" and "log.js" for super simple pretty logging.

connect-fluent-logger A Connect middleware to send access log to fluentd

connect-leg leg logging for connect applications

connect-logger connect middleware for logging

connect-ltsv-logger ltsv formated access logger for connect based application

connect-request-logger-pg log http requests to postgres

connect-winston winston logging for connect applications

consolable get controls and colors in your nodejs native console

consolation Add some flavors to node's default console.log

console-proxy console proxy for the browser and Node.js

console-ten Console-Ten is a simple console logging extension for node.js, it adds Timestamps and log type to the output.

consoler another smart and colorful console logger

consologger A simple logger so you can manage all your 'console.log()' from a main lib. Coloured output, dynamic prefixing, and on/off switch. Feel free to make requests, report bugs, and suggest ideas.

cp-logger A tiny lightweight logger module used by many codeProgressive projects.

custom-logger Simple yet highly customizable console logger for node.js. Supports templating output, custom log levels, custom log types, and colored output.

davlog The logger davglass uses in his CLI tools

debug-util Some debug utility for both server-side and client-side javascript.

deltalogging Delta Logging

demi-logger Demi.js middleware for advanced logging

depesche Nodepoint for all your logs and where they should go

dev-logger A logger utility can be easily swiched between dev development and production mode. This tool supports: * built-in log rotation; * colorized log message; * 4 log levels and custom log level output; * caching log messages

dever A dev helper.

devnull A simple logger with automatic function detection.

dlog Duplika ( logging library.

docparse-logger winston based logger for use in the docparse project

drapper Very minimal but opinionated director wrapper

dribble Multi-purpose logger

e2e-transaction-logger Transaction log interface

emit-logger event logger for EventEmitter

euh.js A JavaScript console wrapper.

explog exportable server logs

express-bunyan-logger a bunyan logger middleware for express

express-chrome-logger Debug your express app using the Chrome console.

express-logger Express middleware for auto-archiving log files.

express-logger-lite express logger like Ruby on Rails

expresser A ready-to-use platform for Node.js web apps, built on top of Express.

fabrique-log a simple logger-implementation to handle logging in fabrique.

feather A light-weight logger

femto-logger a small logging utility

flock-logger A simple DB Logging Module for flock Apps.

flog light-weight configurable front-end logger. CJS, AMD, script compatible

flox-node Prettify Console output for Node.js

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