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fluent-logger fluent-logger implementation for node.js inspired by [fluent-logger-python].

fluent-logger-node Fluent logger for Node.js

fluent-logger-stream Stream-based Fluentd logger for Node.js

fsr-logger Simple wrapper over file-stream-rotator that lets you make easy loggers

fuzelog A simple node.js logger fusing log.js with log4js's layouts and colors, supporting console and file logging.

get-off-my-log My JavaScript logging library for node and browser. Probably lamer than the other log libraries, but this one is mine so nerr.

graceful-logger A simple, slim, graceful logger for Nodejs

grappler-logger-stdout Stdout logger plugin for grappler

grunt-bunyan Grunt task to pipe grunt output through bunyan cli

grunt-logger Logging data for each Grunt deployment in files

grunt-winston Setup a Winston logger for grunt runtime.

gulp-debug Debug vinyl file streams

intel I need more intel.

jlog java like logger

jog-middleware jog json logger middleware for Connect / Express

jogger A Javascript logger.

jolira-logger Write log messages to S3

jshint-log-reporter JSHint reporter intended for logging errors into a logfile instead of command line output.

kenny-loggins Highway to the logging zone

koa-http-logger koa http request & response logger

koa-log4js log4js middleware for koa

koa-logger Logging middleware for koa

levellogger Levellogger is a simple console logger which respects a simple kind of level. After the level off the logger has been set, all log entries 'below' this level do not get printed to the console.

live-logger live-logger

llogger lame logger

lo console.log extension, who got more functionality and mobility to debug scripts

log Tiny logger with streaming reader

log-buffer Buffer calls to console.log, console.warn, etc. for high performance logging

log-color Log.js + color.

log-colors A colorized winston console logger

log-dispatch Log dispatch add functionality for better console and other logging.

log-driver log-driver is a simple logging framework for logging to stdout

log-hanging-fruit The simplest possible log that could possibly work

log-manager log-manager

log-prefix Prefix calls to console.log, console.warn, etc with whatever you'd like

log-timestamp Prepend timestamps to functions like console.log, console.warn, etc

log-timestamp.c A logger function with the current timestamp prepended

log-writer log-writer

log2 Customisable logger where most things are optional.

log4node Logger for node cluster, compatible with logrotate

logair A Node.js generic logging framework.

logcharm logs requests with a charm

logci Lightweight logging and reporting for JavaScript

loge Singleton logging with levels

logfile-grunt Simple text file logging for Grunt and task output.

logg Logging library that allows for hierarchical loggers, multiple log levels, and flexible watching of log records.

logga A really simple logger with colours and conventional levels.

loggerjs Builds on the client side LoggerJS's skeleton to provide similar logging functionalities for Node.js modules.

loggerz Logger for JavaScript applications.

logggy Your next logging library

loggie An easy-to-use but powerful node.js command-line logger

loggify wraps functions, constructors and util object style collections of functions in entrance and exit logs using a logger provided by the consumer

logging-js Logging library for Node.js based on java.util.logging.

loggingtofile Logging to a file.

loggy Dead-simple colored logger for stdout.

loggyu Very Simple Log Module created by Gyu

loglevel Minimal lightweight logging for JavaScript, adding reliable log level methods to any available console.log methods

loglove A simple logging facility for node.js

logman Client and Server side logging with sexy flat realtime interface

logme Minimalistic stream logger

logr a simple logger/debugger

logs a simple logger facade for node.

logsimple A simple but colorful logger

logster Simple but powerful logger for Node. Includes console, stream, and Mongo loggers. Adding custom formatters and loggers is simple.

logStream Streaming Logger

logup-emitter A lightweight log emitter used by library packages to emit log entries to an optional logup-hub in the host application.

long-con Create a console logger w/ formatting, timestamp, color, namespace

lumber A custom, async, extensible logging library

lumberjack A logging library for Node.js

luster-log-file Stream luster master and workers output to files

mag Mag is the streaming logger for NodeJS

mag-colored-output Transform stream that makes collored message from log object

mag-fallback Fallback stream for mag logger

mag-format-message Transform stream that makes formatted message from arguments

mag-hub Hub for mag streams

mag-logger-facade mag logger facade

mag-process-info Transform stream that adds information about process

mag-stream Mag magic module

markdown-watch Markdown compiler + live reload written in nodejs, great for quick-editing markdown files.

mc-logger Like the nuggets - no meat. (Its not a Logger)

mean-cli A Command line for MEAN Apps.

mean-logger A Logging Module for MEAN Apps.

micro-log micro logger library

mkslogger Simple logging library, forked from nlogger.

mongoosemask mongoosemask

monolog Log with Monolog

multilogger A Node.js wrapper of log.js and its derivatives. Its main goal is to route log messages to different logs depending on their verbosity level.

nedb-logger Logger outputting messages to a file in a nedb-readable format with minimal memory footprint

nlogger Logging lib that prints module name and line number

nmea-gps-logger Simple utility that writes NMEA (GPS) sentences to a file, which can then be played back later using a simulator utility.

node_logger Small logger module to wrap util.inspect and console.log and add colors.

node-di NodeDI is a simple Dependency Injection framework loosley based on the AngularJS DI framework

node-etw Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) logger for node

node-logr a super simplistic logger

node-simple-logger Simple & Sexy logger for Node

node-simplelogger This is a simple logger for NodeJS. Log to file and stdout - or just one of them

nodemiral-logger Syslog Logger packaged for Nodemiral

nogger nogger - the node.js logger

ocean-logger Wrapper for npmlog

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