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formaterrors API that provides formatting and highlight options for errors and their stack trace

gelf gelf is a full implementation for sending messages in GELF (Graylog Extended Log Format) from node.js

gelfr Node package to receive GELF events

get-off-my-log My JavaScript logging library for node and browser. Probably lamer than the other log libraries, but this one is mine so nerr.

glossy Syslog parser and producer

grunt-attention Display attention-grabbing messages in the terminal

grunt-bunyan Grunt task to pipe grunt output through bunyan cli

grunt-groundskeeper Remove console statements, debugger and specific blocks of code

grunt-search Grunt plugin that searches a list of files and logs all findings in various formats.

grunt-strip-debug Strip console and debugger statements from JavaScript code

gulp-strip-debug Strip console and debugger statements from JavaScript code

helpersjs JavaScript helpers, logging etc.

heya-ice ICE: logging, debugging, and assert facility.

houston NodeJS logging framework

intel I need more intel.

intel-syslog A syslog handler for intel.

jackdaw Sentry client for node

jlog java like logger

jog-middleware jog json logger middleware for Connect / Express

js-logger Lightweight, unobtrusive, configurable JavaScript logger.

json-loggly JSON Loggly integration

kamituel-logger winston-based logger with handy defaults

kinesalite A mock implementation of Amazon's Kinesis built on LevelDB

kinesis A stream implementation of Amazon's Kinesis

kinesis-mock A mock implementation of Amazon's Kinesis built on LevelDB

konsole EventEmitter powered console identical API for better logging and debugging capabalities in libraries and modules.

lanterman log for express

ledger Event based utility for logging to stdout, file or database.

leo-winston Hierarchical winston loggers

lg logger class able to use mongodb, the console, a file.

lincoln Presidential logging. Fancy loggers for winston.

little-logger A little logging utility for Node.js

live-logger live-logger

llogger lame logger

local-context userland implementation of

log-buddy Easy console debugging (partial port of original ruby version:

log-colors A colorized winston console logger

log-csv-stream Log values from streams as a csv stream with timestamp

log-driver log-driver is a simple logging framework for logging to stdout

log-stream A pure streaming take on logging

log4js Port of Log4js to work with node.

log4js-ain2 An Ain2 based Syslog transport for log4js-node

log4js-andyliao modified log4js-node

log4js-extend log4js + line number

log4js-gelf GELF appender for log4js

log4js-node-andyliao Port of Log4js to work with node.

log4js-node-mongodb A log4js-node log appender to write logs into MongoDB.

log4js-node-xmpp A log4js-node log appender to send logging events using XMPP protocol.

logair A Node.js generic logging framework.

logbook Log all data passing through process.stdout and process.stderr

logbot Simple IRC logging.

logcabin Provides flexible logging for Node.JS applications inspired by Zend Framework's Zend_Log package.

logcafe LogCafe.js is a logging framework to support browser application logging. (amd-style and node.js support)

logci Lightweight logging and reporting for JavaScript

loge Singleton logging with levels

logerize Colorized log module.

logfile-grunt Simple text file logging for Grunt and task output.

logfile-lc Logs all requests to the server to the console

logfiler Write logfiles to local directory.

logfilestream Log file stream, including auto rolling feature, support multiprocess `append` write at the same time.

logg Logging library that allows for hierarchical loggers, multiple log levels, and flexible watching of log records.

logger-json-stderr log in json-format, only to stderr, using Bunyan

loggerjs Builds on the client side LoggerJS's skeleton to provide similar logging functionalities for Node.js modules.

logging-js Logging library for Node.js based on java.util.logging.

loggly A client implementation for Loggly cloud Logging-as-a-Service API

loggly-imacros Send log data to Loggly from iMacros for firefox scripts

loggr Loggr agent for Nodejs

Loggy Loggy is simple express server for remote logging with REST API and Wordpress plugin.

loghuman's node client library

logit Log everything, everywhere

loglevel Minimal lightweight logging for JavaScript, adding reliable log level methods to any available console.log methods

logman Client and Server side logging with sexy flat realtime interface

logme Minimalistic stream logger

logmeup Node.js library to integrate with the LogMeUp server.

logmimosa Logger component for Mimosa browser development workflow tool

logmongo Simple Logging using MongoDB

logs a simple logger facade for node.

logstash-json-parser Parse logstash's text/json log format

logster Simple but powerful logger for Node. Includes console, stream, and Mongo loggers. Adding custom formatters and loggers is simple.

logStream Streaming Logger

logup-emitter A lightweight log emitter used by library packages to emit log entries to an optional logup-hub in the host application.

logvent Analytic-Events logging server

long-con Create a console logger w/ formatting, timestamp, color, namespace

lumber A custom, async, extensible logging library

lumberjack A logging library for Node.js

mag Mag is the streaming logger for NodeJS

mag-colored-output Transform stream that makes collored message from log object

mag-fallback Fallback stream for mag logger

mag-format-message Transform stream that makes formatted message from arguments

mag-hub Hub for mag streams

mag-logger-facade mag logger facade

mag-process-info Transform stream that adds information about process

mag-stream Mag magic module

markdown-watch Markdown compiler + live reload written in nodejs, great for quick-editing markdown files.

medusa A Redis transport and Log server for winston

messina Utility for getting logs into Graylog2

minilog Lightweight client & server-side logging with Stream-API backends and counting, timing support

minilog-airbrake Backend log consumer for minilog that sends errors to airbrake

mkslogger Simple logging library, forked from nlogger.

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