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monlog MongoDB logging server & API

mushroom Mushroom sprouts a never-ending set of child processes which can report statistics back to the host. Like multi-process forever.

nimrod-node nimrod-node is an implementation of a Nimrod (Not Invasive MetRics, Oh Dear!) client for NodeJS.

nlog4js node.js module - wrap log4js-node.

nlogger Logging lib that prints module name and line number

nm-logger Wrapper around Winston logger

node-ccl BETA VERSION, USE ON YOUR OWN RISK. Colored, context-enabled logger.

node-drop-logger Simple node logger

node-logentries A winston-compatible wrapper library for the service

node-logging Simple colorized logging for Node.js with request logger Connect middleware

node-logr a super simplistic logger

node-report logging library

node-windows Support for Windows services, event logging, UAC, and several helper methods for interacting with the OS.

node-yolog Logging module for nodejs.

nodejs-logger This repository helps in server (node.js) side logging.

nodify-logger Simple logger inspired by the VMS Message facility.

nogg Simple logging for node.js

observatory Beautiful UI for showing tasks running on the command line.

omega-logger A simple, yet powerful logging system for omega-node.

onelog A logging consolidation library

opbeat A standalone (Node.js) client for Opbeat

out Tasty STDOUT

overlog Simple logs collection and retrieval.

pastel super-colored connect logging middlware

patrol Yes, more logging.

phnq_log JavaScript logging utility

pince A logger for node inspired by log4j and commons-logging.

plogging Python style logging for Node.js

prent Logging library for node.js

prolog An event- and stream-aware logger for pros. Meaning, professionals.

quantum Transport independant JSON logging for node.js.

rcl Remote Client Logging

relog http service for remote logging

relp Library that implements the RELP protocol

rocambole-strip-alert Strip alert statements from a rocambole AST

rocambole-strip-console Strip console statements from a rocambole AST

route-analytics Unobtrusive analytic logging for Connect

rufus Fast hierarchical text logger

scarlet-contrib-logger Scarlet plugin for a simple logger

scarlet-log4js Scarlet plugin for using Log4js with method and property event interception

scarlet-winston Scarlet plugin for using Winston with method and property event interception

seshat Colorful Logging

sgoodwin-loggly A client implementation for Loggly cloud Logging-as-a-Service API

shiterator Collect application errors and post to your favorite tracker.

shoutjs Beautiful output for your ShellJS commands

sidekick Realtime site tools

silog An easy to use JavaScript logging utility, especially useful during development

simplelogger A simple logging solution supporting file, stdout and syslog output

Simplog Simple logger & real-time browser log client for Node.js apps.

sklog A super lightweight console logging library to help make things simple. This is very lightweight, it's meant only to make loggin easy - nothing more and nothing less.

slog Log parser with configurable column processors.

smart-tee Akin to the unix 'tee' command, takes stdin as a stream and lets you do what you want with it. Includes a log rotator.

sn-logger Simple logger inspired by the VMS Message facility.

spector Inspect Buffers

spew Extendable logging module, with support for logging to remote servers, disk, and GCM!

splog A NodeJS library which provides a syslog-like remote logging interface

spruce Spruce Configurable Logging Library

sslog A simple logger

stake A logging library built to provide multiple log levels, color and filesystem support.

stamp-stream a stream that stamps incoming newlines with a message

stats-logger A lightweight application stats tracker and logger

statsbro Util module which logs a subset of system information and statistics.

stdlog A Node.js log utility that logs messages to stderr by default.

stdloggly Send any program's stdout and stderr to Loggly.

stream-file-archive Pipe Streams to time-rotated log files

strip-ansi Strip ANSI escape codes (used for colorizing strings in the terminal)

strip-debug Strip console, alert, and debugger statements from JavaScript code

stripify Browserify transform that strips console.log lines from your code

stump stump logging

styout Simple logging with sty

syslog-console Syslog+Console will output messages to console and local udp:514, by replacing the console object

syslog-logger Logs to syslog as well as console on unix variants using the posix module.

tagalog A tagged logging library (with plugins!)

tail-serve stream a file's tail over password protected http

termhelper Allow processing of key press events and strings on enter key. Log input and output. Execute terminal commands and more.

ti-stealth Remove console logging from your Titanium apps.

timber A lean logging module, in the form of an `EventEmitter` with an identical API to `console`.

timberhitch Generate a string for a process that can be used in logging

transform-console Log a stream to the console. Implemented as a transform to allow a peek into a pipeline.

transport-logger A transport based logging mechanism for node.js

underscore.logger Cross-browser and Node.js empowered logging. Use as Underscore.js mixin if desired.

unilog A unified yet simple log interface.

unilog-console A unilog back-end which logs nicely formatted to the console.

unilog-nexus Aggregates debug, nlogger and console output into unilog.

verbalize A lightweight command line logging utility, with verbose mode and colors by chalk.

visitor-tracking Track the users view your webpage, generate visit logs.

vlogger A special winston logger

vwebsocket A winston transport using websocket

windows-eventlog Native win32 module to log messages to the Windows EventLog

winston A multi-transport async logging library for Node.js

winston-airbrake An airbrake transport for winston, inspired by the winston-graylog2 transport, powered by node-airbrake.

winston-amazon-ses A mail transport for winston using Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

winston-amqp An AMQP transport for winston

winston-axon A message oriented transport for Winston based on axon

winston-cassandra Cassandra transport for winston

winston-config A helper to easily configure winston

winston-couchdb A CouchDB transport for Winston

winston-cube Cube transport for winston

winston-dynamodb A Winston transport for Amazon DynamoDB

winston-elasticsearch An Elasticsearch transport for winston

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