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athena Strategically gives you awesome functional combinators for an abstraction war!

bool Boolean expression evaluator

boolasync Async boolean expressions

condet Condensed Detachment

connective combine predicate (bool returning) functions with propositional logic connectives (and, or, not)

energy-relay game mechanics for proximity-based energy relay realtime strategy games

express-logical-routes A way of adding logic to your routes in a declarative way

javascript-cas Computer Algebra System

logic-gates Logical gates defined as methods

logica a compile-to-javascript predicate logic language

outflow Logic workflows with validations

pred Predicates for JavaScript.

predicament asynchronous boolean logic and If-Then-Else branching

propsat Propositional Satisfiability Checker

salt State And Logic Traversal, for today's infinite-application.

verisass Verify that your sass functions generate the css you expect.

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