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azimuth Determines azimuth & distance of the second point (B) as seen from the first point (A), given latitude, longitude & elevation of two points on the Earth

cconv A Coordinate Conversion node module

cities1000 lat/lon, names of cities with over 1000 people

coordinate-tz Translate map coordinates to a timezone

coordinator Converts coordinates (e.g. lat/long to MGRS)

exiflocation Extract lat long data and get map location URLs from EXIF data in images.

geos-major Lightning fast longitude and latitude lookup for country and state codes

google-geocoding Small Node module to use Google Geocoding API.

hubot-time-me Ask hubot location-based question about users, such as their local time.

i64 URL safe Base64 Integer Strings (BIS) and conversion tools. Supports both fast conversions for regular integers and large integer strings. Assists with compression as fewer base 64 digits are needed to represent larger integers than base 10 digits. Unlike RFC-3548 Base 64 encodings, readability of BIS is improved for small integers by using an alphabet that extends base-converter

latlong create a kdtree from lat/long and return the closest points

level-geospatial Geospatial indexing for leveldb

mt-coordtransform Coordinate transformations between latitude/longitude WGS84 and OSGB36.

mt-geo Geodesy representation conversion functions.

mt-latlon Latitude/longitude spherical geodesy formulae and scripts.

node-vincenty Calculates the distance in meters between two latitude and longitude coordinates.

ospoint Converts Ordnance Survey grid references into Longitgude and Latitude

placename find a normalized place name and lat/lon from a free-form location query

point-to-city Simple module to get the city name from a point (lat,lon). Based in Yahoo! Place Finder (requires key from Yahoo!)

sgeo Spherical coordinate library

simplegeoloc SimpleGeoLoc simple items with geolocation, near items function

timezoner Node.js client library for accessing Google Time Zone API.

tzwhere Determine timezone from lat/long

zippity-do-dah Zip code data with lookup and utilities

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