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accumasync accumulate values asynchronously

async-foreach An optionally-asynchronous forEach with an interesting interface.

asyncloop Continuation passing loop which never bloats stack

beast provides a timer'd loop with hooks producing various animated effects

bight inject and compose through streams into a pipeline

bredele-each Iteration utility

busy Detect if event loop is busy.

cadence A Swiss Army asynchronous control flow function for highly-parallel control flows.

coffee-observer Utility functions for observing source code.

csk-async A simple and powerful async abstraction lib for easily writing Node.js code.

cyclable experiments with cycling iterators

delta-ticker Simple delta time ticker

diagnostics event loop diagnostics

each-async Async concurrent iterator

each-module Execute a function on each module in a directory

eachtick Non-blocking asynchronous iteration for Node.js and the browser.

eventedloop An event-based loop creator which can take arbitrary numbers of intervals and callbacks

fasteach a simplified each loop, that is faster than Array.forEach

fixed-game-loop a fixed game loop

floop Functional for-loop implementation in JS

flywheel Animation looping utility for the browser

forAsync True Asynchronous Loop Functions

game-loop Simple gameloop utility class to use with browserify

game-loop-dispatch A low level game loop that emits events

happenstance A Swiss Army asynchronous control flow function for JavaScript.

infinite-loop infinite loop in nodejs, easy to use, good performance

lasso-js Advanced mediator library

loop The promise / subscribe / deferred module of FuturesJS (Ender.JS and Node.JS)

loopr A simple node module to streamline creation of common for loop patterns.

ndarray-stencil Stencil operations for ndarrays

omxdirector Provide a nodejs interface for omxplayer (Raspberry Pi player). Support multiple file and loop.

parallel-loop Loop parallelly

renders A local development server for fragment shaders inspired by beefy and GLSL Sandbox. Works out of the box with glslify too!

replcator Read-eval-print loop (REPL) application framework for Nodejs.

serial-loop Async serial loop

simple-loop this a simple loop for iterating over an array or an object

smart-socket Give an array of address to smart-socket and it will try to connect to each one in series and stop on first success or loop if they all failed

soundbank-delay Basic delay processor AudioNode with feedback, filter and wet/dry AudioParams.

soundbank-slice Use with soundbank-inherit to slice an audio sample across the desired amount of audio-slots.

stdrepl An standard REPL for node.js to enable programmers to create interactive user interfaces.

string-iterator Helper tool for iterating over a string

throttled create functions which only run once per event loop

ticker A module for running animation and game loops with browserify.

ticktock Performant setTimeout, using only a couple timers internally.

whenjs A Simple 'when' function for both node and the browser

while-connected Invoke a function given that the socket is connected

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