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async-cache Cache your async lookups and don't fetch the same thing more than necessary.

cachejs Implementation of async LRU and ARC cache.

chaps cache fronted http api caller

couch-cache A cache solution for CouchDB documents.

databank-lrucache Databank driver for lru-cache

dsjslib Implementation of commonly used datastructures and utilities in Javascript.

hamster The ultimate Javascript cache module. Cache the result of any function.

kache A simple memory cache for node.js

localcache Uses localStorage (or node-localstorage) to implement a Least Recently Updated cache

lru-cache-cluster Cluster aware LRU cache. Master process maintains cache and uses worker messaging to deliver items machine-local.

lru-halfexpired lru cache but get supports a fill callback

lru-list Storage-agnostic LRU list with async/multi-key operations

lru-set Set implementation with lru feature for node

lruly lruly implements an LRU cache.

lrutrack LRU base for tracking when things should be disposed.

magazine A collective least-recently used cache.

node-rush LRU cache for busy apps in a hurry

node-stash Distributed cache using Redis and in-memory LRU

simple-lru minimal Least Recently Used Cache

simple-lru-cache node-simple-lru-cache =====================

sync-cache Cache for synchronous modules e.g. using Fibers based on Isaac's AsyncCache

tiny-lru Tiny LRU cache for Client or Server

transparentcache flexible transparent caching layer for object methods and functions with versatile storing strategies

uniquecache cache that you found some unique value and make sure you don't tell anyone else in this process that it is unique while you save it.

ycb-lru ycb with a cache

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