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airplay Apple AirPlay client library

airplay2 Apple AirPlay client library for AppleTV

appjsbundle appjsbundle makes OSX .app bundles from AppJS packages

applescript Easily execute arbitrary AppleScript code on OS X through NodeJS.

bundle-id Get bundle identifier from a bundle name (OS X): Safari =>

bundle-name Get bundle name from a bundle identifier (OS X): => Safari

coremidi interact with CoreMIDI services on Mac OS platforms

crypto-wrapper Wrapper module for demonstrating and simplifying Crypto implementation in Node.js

default-browser Get the default browser (OS X)

default-browser-id Get the bundle identifier of the default browser (OS X). Example:

desktop Native desktop controllers for nodeJS

dmg extract files out of .dmg files (OSX only)

docmac Install docker on Mac including VirtualBox and boot2docker dependencies with one simple command.

emmet-docset Emmet docset generator for Dash

ether-stream Ethernet frame serialization object stream.

eui64 JS library for dealing with IEEE-defined 64bit extended unique identifier.

ezservices Cool program to start or stop Mac LaunchAgents (wrapper for launchctl).

finder-path Get the path of the current directory in Finder (OS X)

fsevents Native Access to Mac OS-X FSEvents

getmac Get the mac address of the current machine you are on

haz Determines if a program exists in the PATH environment variable. Cross platform, including support for checking likely executable file extensions on Windows. Available in synchronous and asynchronous versions.

imageoptim-cli Automates ImageOptim, ImageAlpha, and JPEGmini for Mac to make batch optimisation of images part of your automated build process.

indigo-client simple node client for Indigo home automation server

iplay remote airplay player for AppleTV

keychain Basic access to the Mac OS X Keychain

launchctl Native bindings to launchctl commands

launchd.plist Makes building launchd plists easier

mac HTTP MAC Authentication Scheme (client and server)

mac_notify Show MAC notification

mac-address MAC address parsing functions

mac-control Simple module to control Mac OS from Node

mac-open Opens files from a shell via mac's open command.

macaudio The interface is an AudioUnit(Mac) which can generate audio directly using JavaScript.

macho mach-o format parser

macpress Trigger arbitrary Mac OSX keystrokes and basic GUI manipulation through node.

macvendor Determine the vendor of a MAC address

manifestparser Extract manifest from binary blobs deployed to android or ios devices

netif Node wrapper for net/if.h

node-arp Read the ARP table to find MAC addresses (forked from tecknopaul)

node-mac Support daemon creation and management on Mac.

node-webkit-mac-updater Update your node-webkit based Mac app with ease

nodebug Command line utility that simplifies node debugging

NodObjC The NodeJS ⇆ Objective-C bridge

nsm A service manager for node

osx-background Get and set your OSX desktop background image programmatically

osx-photostream Process new PhotoStream photos in realtime with iCloud on OSX

osx-system-sounds Play system sounds on OSX.

osx-tag A module to operate tags on OSX Mavericks

osx-wifi-cli A command line tool for managing wifi connection in osx

osx-wifi-volume-remote A web-based html5 / node.js app to control OS X system volume from iPhone, Android, etc

owinjs-demo Demonstration app for OWIN/JS and the cross platform nodeAppKit native web framework. It runs under both node.js and as a native application on OS/X with no changes.

pb Node interface to OSX Pasteboard

plist Mac OS X Plist parser/builder for NodeJS. Convert a Plist file or string into a native JS object and native JS object into a Plist file.

plist-ex Mac OS X Plist parser/builder for NodeJS. Convert a Plist file or string into a native JS object and native JS object into a Plist file.

plist-with-patches Clone of plist, but with pull requests applied.

plistlib Plist parser and writer.

random-mac Generate a random Mac Address

ribbons.actuators.say-mac Using Mac OSX's say command as a Ribbons actuator.

ribbons.actuators.say.mac Using Mac OSX's say command as a Ribbons actuator. Using a mac keyboard as a Ribbons input.

ribbons.out.say.mac Using Mac OSX's say command as a Ribbons output.

ribbons.sensors.keyboard-mac Using a mac keyboard as a Ribbons sensor.

ribbons.sensors.keyboard.mac Using a mac keyboard as a Ribbons sensor.

say-more TTL tool to let mac speak with finer accents.

screeen utility for osx screenshot img

spoof Easily spoof your MAC address in OS X & Linux

spotify-node-applescript Control Spotify on Mac OSX with NodeJS and AppleScript.

ss-to-db Screenshot to dropbox

sshopen Opens a remote url in your default browser by ssh tunneling it to a local port.

trampoline Apple AirPlay trampoline server

xkeychain Basic cross-platform Keychain access

yc-notify a special notify for mac os

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