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adt-simple Algebraic data types for JavaScript using Sweet.js macros

angular-cl2 Angular macros for ChlorineJS (a subset of Clojure)

atom-crud A ChlorineJS library designed to ... well, that part is up to you.

blackcoffee CoffeeScript + hygienic macros

broccoli-sweetjs Transpile Sweet.js macros

build-js A JavaScript preprocessor

candyshop A collection of macros

cempl8 JS macros, simple or complex

cl2-contrib The ChlorineJS user contributions library.

cojs goroutines for javascript

dotdot Replaced with to shorten common JS syntax under node

fn-obj-literal Function-Object Literal Macro for Sweet.js

funex Module for evaluating functional expressions

grunt-m4 Grunt plugin for preprocess any files using m4 macro processor

gruntfile-gtx Turbo, spoilers and a sunroof for your Gruntfile

gulp-sweetjs Transpile Sweet.js macros

inlinify Inline functions in JavaScript

jaff Jaff Ain't Filtering Files

ki lisp + mori, sweet.js

lambda-chop Sweet.js macros for lambdas with currying, bound functions, and placeholders.

m4 M4 macro processor in pure Javascript

orangevolt-macrop A extensible macro parser/processor implementation recognizing creole style macros/extensions

react.hiccup Hiccup notation for React.js

redis-lua-helper A helper package to load lua scripts for redis featuring a #include macro

replace-method JavaScript post-processing step to replace specific function/method calls with other bits of JavaScript

rework-macro Macro CSS transform for rework

socket-cl2 Websocket/sockjs wrappers/macros for ChlorineJS

sparkler Native pattern matching for JavaScript

speck Test tools on top of vows. For high level HTTP testing.

sweet-bdd BDD Macros for Sweet.js

sweeten Browserify transform to use Sweet.js macros

sweetify Browserify transform to use Sweet.js macros

walley-language walley language (toy) is a simple script language ;)

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