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abdero-fetcher fetch mails from imap, and stream them

address-rfc2822 RFC 2822 (Header) email address parser

ah-nodemailer-plugin nodemailer email plugin for actionhero API Server

alphamail Client library for sending transactional e-mail through AlphaMail

aws-ses-feedback `aws-ses-feedback` makes it easy to handle feedback from aws ses.

bee-mail bee mail plugin

campaign Compose responsive email templates easily, fill them with models, and send them out.

caradoc-mail mail service for caradoc framework

circulate A template-based bulk e-mail sending solution.

cluster.exception Exception handling for cluster.js

crafity-mailer Crafity Email Module

depesche Nodepoint for all your logs and where they should go

docpad-plugin-contactify DocPad plugin to create, send and customize a contact form.

docpad-plugin-contactifyplus DocPad plugin to create, send and customize a contact form with some extras.

docpad-plugin-formmail DocPad plugin to handle form submissions and mail out their content.

easymt Simple email templates.

email-is-temporary Checks the email for being temporary, like those provided by and others

errormailer Sending email for each error in your node app was never easier! It supports connect and express.

express-airmail Express Airmail is an Express/Connect middleware for nodemailer.

express-mailer Send Emails from your express application

foonyah-smtpmailsender-mail This SMTP client library for Node.JS helps you send email safely and easily.

generator-rwdmail Responsive email template generator for Yeoman

grunt-simple-smtp A simple smtp server used for mocks and development

hermes full featured rails-inspired mailer for node.js

horseshoe A wrapper around nodemailer used for sending email using handlebars templates.

horseshoe-cli Command line interface for horseshoe mailer.

html-to-text Simple html to plain text converter

hubot-mail-notifier A mail notifier plugin for hubot

ideal-postcodes UK Postcode lookup API. Wrapper for API uses Royal Mail's Postcode Address File (PAF).

imap An IMAP module for node.js that makes communicating with IMAP servers easy

imap-jtnt-xoa2 minor change to an old version of the IMAP module by Brian White <>

imapnotify Execute scripts on new messages using IDLE imap command

kindle a mail-pusher for kindle based on node

kyatchi Catch the Mail!

lazysmtp A very, very simple to use SMTP server to accept incoming mail for node.js

mai send text/html e-mail with mail template management feature

mail This SMTP client library for Node.JS helps you send email safely and easily.

mail-listener Mail listener library for node.js. Get notification when new email arrived.

mail-listener2 Mail listener library for node.js. Get notification when new email arrived.

mail-notifier Nodejs library to get notified on new incoming email.

mail-notifier2 Nodejs library to get notified on new incoming email.

mail-preview Preview your Nodemailer emails in your browser.

mail-queuer 邮件队列发送

mail-templates SMTP ready nodemailer and email templates

mailchimp A node.js wrapper for the MailChimp API.

maildate Mail Date formatting

maildev SMTP Server and Web Interface for reading and testing emails during development

maildir nodejs library for interacting with Maildir(++)

mailgun-email-validation Use MailGun API for email validation check

mailmao Mail pusher based on Trello/Express/Nodemailer

mails send beautiful emails made easy, with sexy templates built in.

mailscan scan and extract emails from string

mailstream nodejs imap mail stream wrapper

mailtruck POST route to email address

mbox Evented wrapper for mboxrd files

mime-mail Mime mail builder and sender.

ngn-idk-mail The Email IDK for NGN.

node_sendmail send email using vim and markdown syntax

nodemail A simple web-mail base on nodejs.

nodemailer Easy to use module to send e-mails, supports unicode and SSL/TLS

nodemailer-jade Send beautiful emails using Nodemailer and Jade. Easily format templates and embed images. Caches everything in memory.

nor-mailer Asynchronous HTML email sending with Markdown formating

packmule Universal mail tracking for node.

pigeon Sending mails over HTTP.

pony send email

pop3 Nodejs library implementing the POP3 protocol

pop3-client POP3 client library for Node.js

poplib POP3 client library for Node.js

poplib1 POP3 client library for Node.js

postage Node.JS PostageApp API Client

sendgrid-mustache The most efficient way to use mustache templates with SendGrid: send 1000 mustache mails with only 1 POST request.

seneca-mail Seneca email plugin

seneca-postmark-mail Seneca email plugin

sgrid NodeJS client for the Sendgrid Web API

shipit This module allows you to connect to many shipping carriers like UPS and FedEx and download tracking data for your packages in a common schema

simplesmtp Simple SMTP server module to create custom SMTP servers

smtp-protocol implements the smtp protocol for clients and servers

smtp-sink SMTP server for testing. Accepts e-mails and lists them via a http interface.

smtp-test Simple CLI tool for testing SMTP via Telnet.

smtpc Simple SMTP client for NodeJS

snailmailaddressparser A Javascript library to parse snail mail addresses into components

staticcss Module that statically applies css to html and inlines all styles (full CSS3 support), useful for email

temp-guard A list of temporary email domains

tempie A delicious way to manage email templates.

textmail Send emails using mailgun and plain text templates

transacemail Transactional Email & Templated Email for NodeJS

transacemail-mandrill Transactional Email & Templated Email for NodeJS

trebuchet A node.js module for throwing email around using the Postmark API.

tualo-imap An IMAP module for node.js that makes communicating with IMAP servers easy

uk-clear-addressing Converts UK address fragments into a properly formatted address recognised by Royal Mails Clear Addressing Guidelines. Maps perfectly from Royal Mails PAF database

watchersto Fetch a github projects watchers and exports them to either json, csv or vcf formats

winston-mailer Winston transport based on mailer. It buffers errors, and packs them in one email if necessary.

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