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activity Activity Manager for any kind of statuses based on ids

ambiance-command-manager Command manager for ambiance editor

ambiance-plugin-manager plugin manager for ambiance editor

assetmanager Asset manager easily allows you to switch between development and production css and js files in your templates by managing them in a single json file that's still compatible with grunt cssmin and uglify.

backbone.containerview A fast and efficient subview manager and renderer.

bike Class system to organize namespaces, define, create, extend, mixin, super inheritance and more

bindlestiff A light entity/component system for building JavaScript games

bookshelf-manager Easily wire up models to APIs with supported for complex, nested saving.

bootstrap-package-manager A simple command line interface for installing and compiling Twitter Bootstrap.

bower-component-list Aggregated list of components from the Bower registry and GitHub metadata

buildline scriptable asset builder/pipeline for node compatablie with grunt

c-pm C package manager

cacheskin cache consistency manager in Node.js.

citationer Manage and collect references, effectively

clib C package manager

client-manager A really simple script to manage clients

cman Component framework and manager

cmanager Lightweight cluster manager.

compartment A type of dependency graph, component manager, and package builder.

continuous-observer Automatically add and remove chunks from continuous ndarrays as required.

corral Add, remove and update cloud-hosted packages defined in html markup

cortex Cortex is an npm-like package manager for the web.

cortex-canary Cortex is an npm-like package manager for the web.

crafity-nodemanager Manage multiple node instances

crafity-process Generic process manager

daemon-manager Utility module that adds funcitonality to native node daemons.

deodar orthodox file manager following footsteps of nc/vc/dn/far

division Simple and powerful wrapper over node.js cluster API. This module is inspired by impressive but abandoned project Cluster created by visionmedia (TJ Holowaychuk)

dm Dependency Injection Manager

easy-cluster A cluster daemon with a rest interface for your app.

ekit-cross-site ekit package, support cross site manager

envpm npm registry environment manager

epm E-learning package manager es una aplicaciĆ³n para administrar paquetes de contenido utilizados en plataformas educativas

eventmanager A simple and lightweight module for managing events.

file-e-coyote easy public/private file storage and retrieval

foundry Release manager for npm, bower, component, PyPI, git tags, and any plugin you can write

friendship Manage friendships between users in your app, knowing when they gets online and offline

ftpm A Font Package Manager built on top of Google Web Fonts

generator-yomonger A yeoman generator for MODX Manager custom themes.

getbot A CLI script for all of your multipart downloading needs.

geyser The global package manager.

googletagmanager Google Tag Manager loader for web apps

grunt-node-version A grunt task to ensure you are using the node version required by your project's package.json

haven Browser Package Manager

hosty Host file manager

hotfunctionsmanager This module provides a class that reads a given directory in order to parse files supposed to contain javascript functions. Then, the object parses and evaluates all those functions, making them available for the developer. Also, the developer can, through this object, add functions will the process is running, and the added functions can be written to the filesystem also.

ignore Ignore is a manager and filter for .gitignore rules. Catch ideas. As they come and let them grow with your team in real time

importsjs A simple package manager similar to C++'s imports instead of AMD.

intern-requirements node.js intern dependencies manager. Require files the easy way

inuit - Cloning repo - Caching repo - install in current directory

jsfm This will help to organize files for client and node server

jsfm-starter Server for nodejs

kanrinin Everything-agnostic multi-tenanting helper KeePass database reader in NodeJS

lightjs light package manager

lights lights package manager

lobby Room factory of Users for NodeJS with ExpressJS routes and SocketIO events

lpm Simple script to install max4live devices, aims to be a package manager sort of npm thing

mermin Simple merger/minifier/compiler/resource manager for cluster/express

middle-earth Middlware manager for express.js

middleware-handler Manager for custom middlewares

mnpm mirrored node packaged modules

mongodb-manager CLI to import and export MongoDB databases

mongoose-email-address-manager Manage multiple email addresses per user (or other model/doc) with this mongoose schema plugin.

mounter Install your subprojects from git endpoint into your project

nami An asterisk manager interface client, uses EventEmitter to communicate events, will allow you to send actions, and receive responses (and associated events), and also receive async events from server

nami-raw Minor fork of NAMI. It adds a raw event emitter and ability to subscribe to events on connect. Original Description: An asterisk manager interface client, uses EventEmitter to communicate events, will allow you to send actions, and receive responses (and

ngpm Angular Package Manager

ngspec dependency manager and injector for web applications

node-flowman allows easily manage your library functions and flows.

node-headless Project Headless for Node.js

node-hosts A handy tool to manager your hosts.

node-istatic Static File Manager.

node-pm A better worker process manager

node-redis-scripty Redis script manager for node.js

nodeab An AB testing master slave manager for node.

npmm npm registry manager

ntspm Node.js typescript package manager

openvpn-config-splitter Splits OpenVPN (.ovpn) files into separate files for private key, user+ca certificates and tls-auth key, for use with network-manager in debian/ubuntu

pixelpolishers-resolver A C++ dependency manager and makefile generator.

process-boss A node process manager that isn't spanners all the way down

pubsubmanager A simple and lightweight module for publishing and subscribing to custome events.

pullquester Issues a pull request using configuration files in your current repo.

pw-cli Password Manager

recurrent redis-backed recurrent job manager

redis-connection-pool Redis client connection pool

redis-manager Simple library to share redis clients in a code base

redis-scripto Redis Lua Script Manager for NodeJS

redis-scripts Script manager module for Redis Lua script functionality.

resource-bundler Simple asset bundler for express styled loosley after the .NET MVC 4 bundler.

resource-manager Manage resource cache with promise

rex-app Amazingly simple full-team cross-platform deployment of web applications of all shapes and sizes.

seance Generic session manager. Fork of git://

session Generic session manager (i.e. not depending on cookies or socket connection, etc.)

simple-asset-manager Simple and generic web asset manager, merges and minimizes javascript files.

slingxdcc XDCC download manager with web frontend written in node.js

staniol Package manager for less

stash.js Multilayer Cache Manager for JavaScript

tagmanager An extensible tag manager

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