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101 common utils that can be required selectively

2gis A simple way to use the 2GIS API from Node.js

2gis-api 2GIS API for Node.js

apostrophe-map Custom Google map generator for the Apostrophe content management system

array-async FuturesJS/ArrayAsync - The diet cola of asynchronous array utilities.

array-map `[].map(f)` for older browsers

assign Map/Reduce promise like returned API -- Really not way to properly describe this module..

associate Convert an object to an array, array to an object, or a function with multiple arguments into a function that takes an options map.

axes An alternative implementation of d3's quantitative scales

cartography-models Sequelize model framework used in cartography systems.

cdbtiles cdbtiles is a tilelive backend plug-in for CouchDB

chai-leaflet Chai assertions to use with Leaflet map apps

chopchop-js Asynchronous processing utilities for the browser (AMD) and for node.

clipsy-geojson conversion module for clipsy and geojson

closure-structs Generic data structures for the Closure Library

coffeebar Simplified CoffeeScript build tool.

coffeebarx Simplified CoffeeScript build tool, fork of coffeebar.

coll JavaScript Collection Library for Node.js.

collection Node.js cross-platform native collection library

collections data structures with idiomatic JavaScript collection interfaces

collectionsts collectionsts =============

combine-source-map Add source maps of multiple files, offset them and then combine them into one source map

concat-map concatenative mapdashery

concurrent-map-stream Concurrently transform a stream in FIFO order

contextdb Use json-context with leveldb. Contexts are automatically generated from matchers, and provides ability to watch matchers for realtime notifications.

convert-source-map Converts a source-map from/to different formats and allows adding/changing properties.

csk-async A simple and powerful async abstraction lib for easily writing Node.js code.

cuter Image tile cutter

d3-geomap A reusuable choropleth map for d3.js

d3.geo.tile D3 plugin to add tiles to a d3 map

dank-amap An asynchronous map function for node which can map over anything with rate limiting

dank-map A map function that can map over almost anything.

data-structures JavaScript data structures written in CoffeeScript.

dataframe Streaming data aggregation and calculations.

deadsea a library for preventing map-scrolling fail

dict A lightweight but safe dictionary, for when Object won't cut it

dictjs Collections that uses an object as a key.

dictnr Lightweight dictionary

divan persistant key-value store for node with CouchDB-style views

dmu2html Convert an NCGMP09 DescriptionOfMapUnits table (in CSV format) to an HTML representation of the legend

dom-vista map, transform and cross refence a dom

dotmap easy dot-notation accessor functions

drop-while Returns an array of the items in coll starting from the first item for which pred(item) logical false, i.e. false, null, undefined

eager Eagerly assigning multiple (highly-relative) values into one map.

es6-collections ES6 Harmony like collections such Map, WeakMap, and Set

es6-iterator Iterator abstraction based on ES6 specification

es6-map ECMAScript6 Map polyfill

es6-map-shim A polyfill ES6 Map that closely follows the latest spec

es6-shim ECMAScript 6 (Harmony) compatibility shims for legacy JavaScript engines

es6-weak-map ECMAScript6 WeakMap polyfill

esmap map over esprima nodes conveniently

exorcist Externalizes the source map found inside a stream to an external `` file

faithful Like Async, but employing promises.

final-db Embeded document based database system that uses bare file system as a storage. NoSql style.

foldermap Module for mapping folder structure to object

function-proxy proxy functions to modify arguments or spying

generator-leaflet Yeoman generator that scaffolds out a very basic leaflet map application.

geostats A tiny and standalone javascript library for classification and basic statistics

getsetmixin Express like get/set mixin (Map) for objects

gist-map-browser browse through your recent mappy gists

gl-basic-tile-map Draws 2D tile maps using WebGL

gl-tile-map Creates a mip mapped texture atlas from a list of tiles and uploads it to WebGL

googlemaps A simple way to query the Google Maps API from Node.js

googlemapsutil utility to use google map easily

grunt-angular-map Ease generate angular deps map

grunt-require-map Ease generate require deps map

gs2geojson simple google spreadsheet to geoJSON converter

gulp-source-url Source URLs for files run though with gulp

h8 Friendly map-reduce library

hamt Hash Array Mapped Trie

harmony-collections Shim to provide Map, Set, and WeakMap if they're not available, with non-leaky O(1) lookup WeakMaps

hashmap HashMap Class for JavaScript

hashmap-native Native hashmap for Node.js

hashtable Native hashtables for Node.js

hashtrie Hash Trie

http-codes Map of HTTP status messages to codes based on Node's built-in (inverse) map

hybrid-map the half map, half weak, fully cross platform solution

immutable-collections Persistent collections for Javascript

indexed-map An enhanced map that supports easy insertion or deletion at specific position. Give access to entries by index or key. Can be used instead of a linked list.

inline-source-map Adds source mappings and base64 encodes them, so they can be inlined in your generated file.

iterate some iterator functions

jcollections A Powerful Collections Framework in JavaScript

json-mapper simple json mapper to

jsondom A DOM-like interface for querying Javascript Objects

jsonpath-object-transform Transform an object literal using JSONPath.

kartograph-js JavaScript library for SVG mapping

kd-traverse traverse and transform objects by visiting every node on a recursive walk

key-remap Remaps a values from an object to specified keys. The lag function map() as a standalone module.

langmap List of all the known languages in their English and Native name with locales

language-map JavaScript consumable map of programming languages and meta data. Converted to JSON from GitHub's [linguist YAML map](

lazyseq lazy sequence mapreduce generator

leaflet JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps

leaflet-boundsawarelayergroup Leaflet.LayerGroup plugin to render only layers in the current map bounds

leaflet-edit-osm a button to edit osm on leaflet maps

leaflet-image export leaflet maps as images

leaflet-layerjson A Dynamic Leaflet Layer that load/filter dinamically JSON data from Ajax/Jsonp, with caching

leaflet-osm-notes show notes from OpenStreetMap on Leaflet

leaflet-plugins Miscellaneous plugins for Leaflet library for services that need to display route information and need satellite imagery from different providers

leaflet-search Leaflet Control for searching markers/features by attribute on map or remote searching in jsonp/ajax

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