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apostrophe-map Custom Google map generator for the Apostrophe content management system

bamreader an object reading bams

configfiles Get files from a configuration using globule.

dynamo-table Maps JS objects and queries to DynamoDB tables

dynamo-table-extensions Adds higher-level methods to dynamo-table

dynamodb-model Elegant DynamoDB object modeling influenced from MongoDB and the Mongoose API

earls Tiny library to create a url map

elsewhere-mapper Social media profile endpoint mapper

fontsmith Collect SVGs into multiple fonts and a character code mapping

geostats A tiny and standalone javascript library for classification and basic statistics

globule An easy-to-use wildcard globbing library.

grunt-asset-mapper Automate the mapping of assets.

grunt-fontsmith Grunt plugin for composing SVGs into multiple fonts, a character mapping, and CSS variables

json-schema-orm Object-relational mapping from JSON Schema

knockout-sync A small backend using knockout mapping to sync entities with a RESTful Backend

knockout.mapper.js Knockout.js plugin for object mapping including validation.

lookup Transform a stream or array into a lookup object

mapify Alias mappings for browserify

mapping A safe, sensible dictionary implementation.

mapquest-api Provides access to various MapQuest APIs

maprify object to object conversion via interfascist

mover Takes files from one place and puts them in another place

nat-pmp Node.js implementation of the NAT Port Mapping Protocol

noflo-pgorm PostgreSQL ORM on top of noflo-pg

omap Maps object key to array of possible keys.

proj4js-defs Wrapper for all epsg definitions from PostGIS for proj4js in one easy-to-use file

proxy-agent Maps proxy protocols to `http.Agent` implementations

pst Create mapping functions more easily

redis2json Consolidates redis keys data into a solid JavaScript object

restful-router Simple RESTful url router.

rule Coffeescript friendly css selector based templating

shp Convert shapefiles into geoJson without ogr2ogr/GDAL

svg-mapper Tool to slice big, annotated SVG into WebMercator tiles

syncorm Syncronous ORM

systemapp A sleek and smart infrastructure mapping and monitoring tool by Zalando.

tolmey easy mapping tile downloading

url-tools Tool to normalize and compare URL structures

us-states mappings from USPS code to US state name

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