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apostrophe-raphael Apostrophe's solution for simple vector maps. Subclasses apostrophe-snippets. Uses raphael.js.

arc draw great circle arcs

areaeditor An editor integrated with Google Maps for editing GeoJSON MultiPolygons

batch-geocoder Node.js Batch Geocoder for the Google Maps API

carto Mapnik Stylesheet Compiler

cartocc Carto Config Customizer is a very simple tool for customizing layers values of a `.mml` config file

dotdash see wiki:

englewood dot-density calculations and visualizations

entongue Entonge ======= (spanish: apilar, formar tongadas; translation to english: stacker)

extend-geojson-properties Extende properties/attributes of geojson objects from separate dataset of jsons.

geocrunch Quick and simple geographic calcs

geohash-helper geohash-helper - Library that provides geohash based functions

geojson-flatten transform geojson into single-parts

geojson-stream stream features into and out of geojson

geojson2svg Converts geojson to svg/path string given svg viewport size and maps extent.

google-distance A simple node.js wrapper for Google's Distance Matrix API

google-maps Wrapper for asynchronously used Google Maps API

google-maps-coordinate-parser Coordinates parser for Google Maps urls.

gserviceminer A library to extract data from the Google maps Control for ASP.NET, as developed by Shabdar Gapta

jquery-ui-maps The Google Map version 3 plugin for jQuery and jQM takes away some of the head aches from working with the Google Map API. Instead of having to use Google event listeners for simple events like click, you can use jQuery click events on the map and markers

leaflet-draw Vector drawing plugin for Leaflet

leaflet-engine Leaflet is an open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps.

leaflet-foursquare foursquare venues in leaflet

leaflet-fullscreen A fullscreen control for Leaflet

leaflet-geocsv Leaflet plugin for loading a CSV file as geoJSON layer

leaflet-knn next nearest neighbors for leaflet

leaflet-markercluster Provides Beautiful Animated Marker Clustering functionality for Leaflet

leaflet.fullscreen Simple plugin for Leaflet that adds fullscreen button to your maps.

leaflet.zoomslider A zoom slider widget for Leaflet

mapbox an api for mapbox

mapquest-api Provides access to various MapQuest APIs

markerclustererplus markerclustererplus ===================

mimosa A lightning-fast, modular, next generation browser development tool.

mimosa-canary A modern browser development toolkit and application assembler. Compile, lint, optimize, serve and more.

mimosa-coffeescript A CoffeeScript compiler for Mimosa 2.0+

mimosa-emberscript A EmberScript compiler for Mimosa 2.0+

mimosa-iced-coffeescript An Iced CoffeeScript compiler for Mimosa 2.0+

mimosa-minify Minification module for Mimosa browser development workflow tool

mimosa-minify-js JS Minification module w/source maps for Mimosa browser development workflow tool

mimosa-require AMD/RequireJS module for Mimosa browser development workflow tool

nbob Ex Machina's frontend build tool

node-geocoder node geocoding library, supports google maps, mapquest, open street map, tom tom, promise

osm Display OpenStreetMaps.

osm-and-geojson convert to and from osm and geojson files

parse-geocoder Parse data returned by geocoder into easily usable format

proj4leaflet Smooth Proj4js integration with Leaflet

reproject Reproject GeoJSON from one projection/CRS to another

sheetsee-charts enables chart creation functionality with sheetsee.js

sheetsee-maps enables map creation functionality with sheetsee.js

static-maps Turn markup into google maps

static-yandex-map Generate URLs to show Yandex maps as jpeg images

tilemath Math for map tiles

tokml convert geojson to kml

wellknown convert wkt to geojson

wigglemaps WiggleMaps is a Javascript API for building dynamic and interactive maps in the web browser. By leveraging WebGL, WiggleMaps extends geographical visualizations beyond current web mapping approaches. Unlike WMS solutions, layers can be fully styled at runtime to allow rich, interactive visualizations. Through portable Shapefile and GeoJSON readers, WiggleMaps brings multiple geographic data types to the web, allowing developers flexibility when deploying geodata in their applications.

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