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backbone.fumanchu Live template bindings for Backbone/Marionette.

backbone.marionette Make your Backbone.js apps dance!

backbone.marionette.dust Dust integration with Marionette.

Backbone.Marionette.Handlebars Spice up your Backbone.Marionette application with some Handlebars flavour

foxdriver [![Build Status](](

gaia-profile-builder Gaia profile builder for marionette-js-runner

generator-backbone-amd generator-backbone-amd ======================

generator-bbmodule Yeoman generator for creating Backbone/Marionette App Modules & Components.

generator-erma An Express-REST-Marionette web application generator for Yeoman.

generator-marioentte-frontend A frontend generator for building large scale single page applications using Marionette, RequireJS, Handlebars

generator-marionette Yeoman generator for Express, Marionette and Backbone with AMD

generator-marionette-coffee Yeoman generator

generator-marionette-express Yeoman generator for Marionette and Express

generator-marionette-modules Yeoman generator for Marionette using Modules.

generator-maryo A Marionette and backbone generator for Yeoman with Require and Dust templates.

generator-mocha-amd Yeoman generator for Mocha a la AMD

generator-sm Quickly generate a Sails backend and Marionette frontend.

marionette-apps A node library that manages Firefox OS applications through Marionette.

marionette-firefox-host marionette-firefox-host =======================

marionette-helper marionette-helper =================

marionette-js-helper marionette-helper =================

marionette-js-runner Utility module for installing an app as preloaded & packaged app

marionette-plugin-forms A plugin for manipulating form fields

marionette-profile-builder Default profile builder for marionette-js-runner

marionette-settings-api A node library that provides access to MozSettings through Marionette.

puppets A modular framework for Marionette

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