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find-path Given a search string and a list of file paths, find the closest path.

fis-parser-marked A parser plugin for fis to compile markdown file.

fis-parser-redcarpet A parser plugin for fis to compile markdown file.

flipflop ezmode geek blogging, like wearing sandals

foldingtext Work with FoldingText and TaskPaper files

fuller-dome Fuller tool: static website generator

funkydown Javascript Markdown converter optimized for laziness.

gendocs Simple documentation generator using sourcecat and emu

generator-docs Yeoman generator for Writer. Generate project documentation templates or a README template for Writer to build.

generator-impressive A Yeoman genenerator for presentations utilizing impress.js, markdown, code highlighting and more.

generator-lo A Yeoman generator for prototyping static sites with jekyll, grunt, bower and compass

generator-mdpress A generator for Yeoman to create mdpress presentations.

generator-verb Kickstart documentation for any project! This is the official Yeoman generator for Verb, a zero-configuration markdown documentation generator that is extremely easy to use and extend.

generator-weblog A weblog (blog) generator for Yeoman

georgerogers42-marked A markdown parser built for speed

gfm Converts GitHub flavored markdown files to html and provides a web editor to live preview

gfm-linkify linkify repository references in github-flavored markdown text, such as sha1, user/repo@sha1, #issue, etc

gfms Github Flavored Markdown Server

gh-clone git clone a repo with only username/repo.

gh-markdown-cli Batch convert Github flavored markdown files through the command-line.

ghstyles Apply github styles to some html

ghw Github wiki to HTML converter

giik A static site generator for book.

git-username Extract the username from a git remote origin URL.

gitemplate-dox Generate node module API markdown with dox

github-markdown Parse GitHub flavored markdown to html.

greadme Locally preview your markdown, Github style

grunt-apidox Grunt task to generate node.js module API markdown using apidox

grunt-beautiful-docs Generate beautiful markdown-based documentation using Grunt

grunt-bulldoc Documentation generator from Markdown and HTML template

grunt-change-scanner Grunt task that scans src files for changes based on RegExp pattern. Found changes are reported into a file with Markdown format.

grunt-cleaver Build cleaver slideshows from grunt

grunt-dawg Use dawg inside grunt to view or generate documentation

grunt-generator Static site generator with HTML and markdown authoring and multiple template engine support (handlebars, dustjs).

grunt-html2md Transform HTML files to Markdown

grunt-init-assemble Initialize new Assemble projects.

grunt-init-assemble-helper Quickly create a Handlebars helper that can easily be used with Assemble

grunt-init-basic grunt-init template for a very basic project. includes nodeunit tests, jshint, watch, clean, and assemble for converting readme to a simple gh-pages index page.

grunt-init-ghpages Quickly build gh-pages documentation from a project README using Grunt.js and Assemble, a Node.js alternative to Jekyll.

grunt-init-helper Quickly create a Handlebars helper that can easily be used with Assemble

grunt-init-helper-mod Quickly create a Handlebars helper that can easily be used with Assemble

grunt-init-jekyll Initialize new Jekyll projects.

grunt-init-proto grunt-init template for a jekyll static site. Includes compass, bower and grunt support.

grunt-markdown-blog Generates a blog from markdown posts & underscore templates

grunt-markdown-pdf Grunt plugin to convert Markdown documents to PDF

grunt-markdown-to-json Extract YAML front-matter from Markdown files to a single JSON file

grunt-marked Plugin that compiles markdown files into html, using marked parser.

grunt-markedman a grunt-task for using marked-man to generate manpages from markdown

grunt-mdeb Grunt task to publish markdown docs as EPUB 3.0 book.

grunt-mdlint Runs mdlint to lint JavaScript code blocks in your project's markdown files

grunt-mox Grunt module for using mox( A markdown javascript documentation generator)

grunt-phaser Grunt plugin for Phaser, the deadliest markdown documentation generator in the Alpha Quadrant.

grunt-readme-generator A grunt task to generate a dynamic from partial markdown files in readme folder. Specifically designed for GitHub projects!

grunt-shower-markdown Grunt task that generates Shower presentations from Markdown source.

grunt-stencil A Grunt templating plugin to generate static HTML files from given pages, templates and partials written in either pure HTML, doT.js, or markdown.

grunt-strapdown Compile markdown into html using strapdown.js.

grunt-sundown a grunt wrapper for robotskirt(Sundown) - a C implementation of Markdown

grunt-verb Grunt plugin for Verb, the markdown documentation generator with zero-configuration required.

gulp-hammerdown Gulp plugin for using hammerdown(A markdown to html generator)

gulp-markdown Markdown to HTML

gulp-markdown-code Extract code parts and concat them together from markdown

gulp-markdown-pdf Markdown to PDF

gulp-markdox Generate Markdown documentation with markdox

gulp-mdvars Extract VarStream metadatas from markdown files.

gulp-mox Gulp plugin for using mox( A markdown javascript documentation generator)

gulp-pagemaki gulp-pagemaki =============

habit A simple static site generator powered by nunjucks, LESS, and markdown.

haiku A work in progress, rough around the edges, static site generator

hammerdown Streaming HTML To Markdown Writer

handlebars-helper-analytics Handlebars helper for adding Google Analytics scripts to the head and/or footer

handlebars-helper-md Convert markdown to HTML. Use wildcard (glob) patterns for files. Like Assemble itself, this helper will automatically determine the correct context to use, or a context may be explicitly passed in as a second parameter.

handlebars-helper-mdpartial Helpers for Assemble and Handlebars. {{mdpartial}} renders Markdown partials and collects YAML data and {{eachPartial}} iterates over partials.

handlebars-helper-resolve WIP, don't use yet! This helper consults the context and config values to automatically resolve the correct path to the specificed destination file.

harp Static web server with built in preprocessing

helpers-utils Utility methods commonly used for writing helper libraries.

history Project history cli tool

hoedown Node bindings for Hoedown, the amazing Markdown library.

html-md JavaScript library for converting HTML in to valid Markdown

html2markdown An HTML to Markdown converter.

htmlbook Markdown to HTMLBook converter

htmlify Markdown→HTML

http-pubserver Markdown render server for publications. Supports both hosting and prerendering.

ideamark A simple nodejs document store for ideas, concepts, documentation supporting markdown

imdone A task board and wiki in one!

imdone-core imdone-core

incodoc Invert markdown annotated source code to code describing markdown documentation

injectcode A simple command-line tool for injecting code snippets into markdown files

is-git-url Regex to validate that a URL is a git url.

jandoc Exposes the Pandoc API to Node.js and adds the ability to convert multiple files at once.

jassg Just another static site generator

jassg-core Just another static site generator - Core lib

jekyll-fix-titlecase globs over markdown posts and fixes title casing

jekyll-html-md A small script to help converting jekyll import html files to markdowm

jiffy Make a blog in a jiffy. Jiffy is a static blog generator.

jox JavaScript documentation generator

js-markdown-extra PHP-Markdown-extra compatible Javascript markdown syntax parser

jsdoc-githubify A transform that adapts html files generated with jsdoc to be rendered in a github wiki or readme.

jstatic A simple, easily extensible, static documents generation task for Grunt.

kindred A simple, DIY blogging engine

koa-markdown Auto convert markdown to html for koa. Inspired by connect-render

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