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angular-md Angular directive to render Markdown text. It's built on blazingly fast markdown parser 'marked'.

bloggy-marked A markdown parser for blog posts in bloggy, a small and lightweight markdown blog engine.

compile-mw-marked Markdown middleware built on compile-middleware and marked

component-markdown A plugin to compile Markdown to Javascript for the component builder.

conch format markdown for console output

connect-markdown Auto convert markdown to html for connect.

generator-docs Yeoman generator for Writer. Generate project documentation templates or a README template for Writer to build.

generator-verb Kickstart documentation for any project! This is the official Yeoman generator for Verb, a zero-configuration markdown documentation generator that is extremely easy to use and extend.

grunt-marked Plugin that compiles markdown files into html, using marked parser.

grunt-toc Grunt plugin for generating a markdown Table of Contents (TOC).

gulp-markdown Markdown to HTML

gulp-markdown-pdf Markdown to PDF

gulp-mox Gulp plugin for using mox( A markdown javascript documentation generator)

handlebars-helper-md Convert markdown to HTML. Use wildcard (glob) patterns for files. Like Assemble itself, this helper will automatically determine the correct context to use, or a context may be explicitly passed in as a second parameter.

markdown-css add CSS to Markdown

markdown-index Build a markdown table of contents for all the markdown files in a given directory tree.

markdown-symbols Easily add and create custom symbols to use in markdown, and then compile them to HTML.

marked-extras Extras for marked.js. Utils, language definitions, templates for custom headings and sensible defaults.

marked-text-renderer Renderer for marked outputting plain text that can easily be fed to a search indexer

markit A markdown parser with renderer feature.

markzero Extensions to the marked library

nuclear-i18n i18next wrapper with markdown support

oj-markdown Markdown plugin for oj

swig-marked Markdown filters and tags for swigs, backed by marked

verb-boilerplates Docs boilerplates for Verb, the markdown documentation generator that requires zero-configuration.

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