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asset-inliner Parses your markup and replaces references to external assets with inline code

awesomemarkup In-JS markup generation without the messiness.

axilla Simple Node.js view templating with Handlebars.

bemdecl2blocks A simple tool for creating bem blocks from declarations (bemdecl.js)

broccoli-htmlmin Minify HTML

broccoli-jade Compile Jade templates

coffee-templates Fastest Minimalist CoffeeScript/JavaScript CoffeeCup/Handlebars/Mustache template engine.

coffiew HTML markup written in CoffeeScript.

color-marked markdown parser with highlight and inline code style support, useful for writing email with markdown

cup-of-mud A simple template framework in pure CoffeeScript.

docpad-plugin-highlightjs Adds support for Highlight.js syntax highlighting to DocPad

docpad-plugin-markdown Adds support for the Markdown markup language to DocPad

docpad-plugin-marked Markdown rendering for DocPad, using Marked

docpad-plugin-pygments Adds support for Pygments Syntax Highlighting to DocPad

docpad-plugin-robotskirt Markdown rendering for DocPad, using Robotskirt (sundown)

docpad-plugin-textile DocPad plugin that adds the ability to render Textile to HTML

docpad-plugin-wmark WMark rendering for DocPad

escrito Collaborative writing with Markdown & Textile

georgerogers42-marked A markdown parser built for speed

grunt-asset-inliner Grunt plugin that parses your markup and replaces references to external assets with inline code.

grunt-init-block Generates css file structure according to classes used in HTML. Relies on BEM naming for classes.

gulp-markdown Markdown to HTML

gulp-markdown-pdf Markdown to PDF

gulp-ruby-haml Compile Haml to HTML with Ruby Haml

gulp-textile Textile plugin for gulp

htgen Simple but featured hypertext markup code generator

html2bemdecl A simple tool for converting html files into bem declarations (bemdecl.js)

http-file-server HTTP file server

http-markup-server HTTP-server for markup (using express framework and ejs template engine)

jandoc Exposes the Pandoc API to Node.js and adds the ability to convert multiple files at once.

jot Markup DSL

kokoi Configurable markup file watcher, previewer and converter.

mamarked A markdown parser built for speed

markdown-js A port of markdown to JavaScript.

markdown-outline Generate an outline for markdown documents

markdown-styles Markdown to HTML generator and multiple CSS themes for Markdown

marked A markdown parser built for speed

marked-component A markdown parser built for speed

marked-edp A markdown parser built for speed

marked-extra A markdown parser built for speed

marked-prettyprint A markdown parser built for speed

marked2 A markdown parser built for speed

marker A live compiler for markdown files.

markleft Simplest markup language ever

marks Simple, fast & extensible markup parsing, traversing & rendering.

markup-js Markup.js - Powerful JavaScript Templates

mcrio-wiki-mark A minimal wiki markup language (currently for CoffeeScript only, sorry)

mdwatch preview markdown document with live updates

mkup transparently insert metadata chars into a string at offsets without affecting the overall offset

mmd Wrapper for Fletcher Penney's MultiMarkdown-4

noml NoML - Node Markup Language

oli Oli language parser and compiler for node

omljs Template engine built on top of the Oli language

pretext Pretext, a simple Markdown-inspired markup language

react-kup react-kup is a simple, non-intrusive alternative to jsx for coffeescript

react-marked A markdown parser built for speed that works with react

remark A markdown parser built for speed

rho Easy-to-{read,write,understand} semantic markup language for Node

rimu Readable text to HTML markup language

semiquiz SemiQuiz — semantic quiz toolkit

show-markup show markup file on browser at realtime

tag-parser A utility for parsing text markup

talk-highlight convert text to HTML for forums

templ yet another lightweight templating thing

textile-js A full-featured JavaScript Textile parser

textilejs Textile Parser, converts textile documents to HTML.

tinyosf a few lines of code to convert OSF to HTML

to-ml very simple, very tiny lib to generate markup without a dom

willow light-weight markup language

wmark A big social + for the markdown parser

wxi-flavored-markdown A markdown parser with a little bit of WeaponXI flavor

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