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ast-match Match AST nodes using JSON Schema.

basketcase JavaScript algebraic data types, pattern matching and multi methods

cando An authorization module

cartograph Minimal JavaScript router

chunkmatcher Fast searching for multiple patterns accross multiple data chunks.

duck Rich matchers inspired by Hamcrest. Useful for generating helpful assertion failure messages in tests.

hamjest A JavaScript implementation of Hamcrest

itsumo A small testing library for JavaScript with Hamcrest-like matchers.

jasmine-collection-matchers Jasmine Matchers to collections (toHaveSameItems, toHaveUniqueItems)

multimatch Adds multiple patterns support to minimatch.match()

nwmatcher A CSS3-compliant JavaScript selector engine.

patrun A fast pattern matcher on JavaScript object properties.

pinvault A key-value store with partial-object key matching.

pursuit A Fast JavaScript Object Property Matching Language

pursuit-core A framework for building Fast JavaScript Object Property Matching Languages

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