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agmath A basic math library that supports fractions and complex numbers.

alekmath An example of creating a package

algebra Vectors, Matrices, Tensors

annomath Annotated math utilities for JavaScript

arraytools Collection of array processing tools

average Mathematical average. Sum of all values divided by the number of values provided.

bessel Bessel Functions in pure JS

biblejs Normalize bible references, convert them to machine readable formats, query and manipulate them

big-factorial Calculate the factorial of big numbers.

big-integer An arbitrary length integer library for Javascript

big-rational An arbitrary length rational number library for Javascript

bigi Big integers.

biginteger.js Big Integer Library for Javascript.

bigmoney.js Library for handling the money values. Based on big.js library for arbitrary-precision decimal arithmetic. Support multiple currencies.

bigrat rational.js: tools and libraries using rational numbers.

binomial A simple binomial coefficient generator with memoization.

bip-pod-math Math Pod for Bipio

bit-twiddle Bit twiddling hacks for JavaScript

bitset.js A binary array implementation

bmv_math_example An example of creating a package

bresenham3d Calculate all integer points along a relativly smooth line segment in 3d space.

calc Simple cmd line calculator

chaslon_math_er_fucker An example of creating a package

chromath JavaScript color conversion and manipulation functions

chudi_math_example Example on creating a package

circumcenter Computes circumcenters of simplices

clamp Clamp a value between two other values

cli-mandelbrot A command line viewer of the Mandelbrot set

cmath_example An example of creating a package

cmplx calculations with complex numbers in arithmetic or polar form

coin-math Simple functions to convert between the Floating-point and the "Satoshi" integer values (monetary amounts).

companion-roots Finds roots of polynomials by solving the eigenvalues of the companion matrix

complex Do calculations with Complex numbers

Complex Do calculations with Complex numbers

conjugate-gradient Conjugate gradient solver

csprng Secure random numbers of any size in any base

csr-matrix Compressed sparse row matrix class

cubic-hermite Cubic hermite interpolation

cwise Component-wise map/reduce for ndarrays

d3-math The functions from src/math in the d3 repo

davidbarrows_math_example An example of creating a package

durand-kerner Finds multiple roots of polynomials using Weierstrass' method

dzimchuk_math_example An example of creating a package

ellipse-component Generates an array of the coordinate points into the given area along ellipse

eqsolver Linear equations solver

euclid-js Bag of utility functions for 2d maths

euclidean-distance Calculate the Euclidean distance been two points in 2D/3D/nD space.

example_stuff Example of Node package

exemplo_node_matematica An example of creating a package

fibonacci Calculates fibonacci numbers for one or endless iterations. Using the bignum module, it can return numbers of any size! Instead of being limited by the hardcoded JavaScript Number.MAX_LIMIT.

fieldkit Basic building blocks for computational design projects. Written in CoffeeScript for browser and server environments.

frac Rational approximation with bounded denominator

fraction.js A rational number library

function-graph Easily draw function graphs via NodeJS in Terminal.

galois Native module for math with galois fields

gauss JavaScript statistics, analytics, and set library

gcd compute the greatest common divisor using euclid's algorithm

geomath AMD Geometry and Matrix modules using reuse pattern for better performance

geostats A tiny and standalone javascript library for classification and basic statistics

gmath_example An example of creating a package

graphdracula JavaScript Graph Layouting and Drawing

graphjs Mathematical Graph Representation in JavaScript

gregs_math_example An example of creating a package

hazarexample bin/main.js

hermac01_math_example An example of creating a package

horner Evaluates polynomial

hugo_math_example an example of creating a package

iper Hypergraphs for breakfast

iper-nedb embedded database for hypergraphs

is-triangle return whether an array of points (in any dimension) describe a triangle

isomath Isometric Math Helpers

javascript-cas Computer Algebra System

jmath some useful math function for Node.js

jpy_math An example of creating a package

js-math-complex Complex Number for JavaScript

js-solver Algebraic equation solving helper library

justmath JustMath.js: Two dimensional vector math including a rich toolset for vector operations.

ktokar_math_example example of creating a package

laheinzen_first laheinzen's first node.js package

latex A simple wrapper for LaTeX in node.js

lb-ratio Provides a Fraction, Rational, and Ratio object for javascript.

ledbutter_math_example An example of creating a package

livia-algorithm The Livia Algorithm

long A Long class for representing a 64-bit two's-complement integer value.

lucas-lehmer-test Lucas-Lehmer primality test

m_example An example of creating a package

mabublue_math_example An example of creating a package

mainmath node.js sucks...

make-change Javascript solution to classic interview problem

map-range Simple function domain/range conversion

mat_example An example of creating a package

matejemplo An example of creting a node.js package

math_12345 an example for creating a package

math_2 second json package file creating a package

math_dev An example of creating a package

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