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agmath A basic math library that supports fractions and complex numbers.

algebra Vectors, Matrices, Tensors

array-matrix create a matrix

arraytools Collection of array processing tools

classify.js Bayesian classifier for Node.js applications.

companion-roots Finds roots of polynomials by solving the eigenvalues of the companion matrix

conjugate-gradient Conjugate gradient solver

csr-matrix Compressed sparse row matrix class

d3.chart.bubble-matrix A bubble-matrix chart for the Web

dup Initialize an array of arrays to a constant

fakematrix A simple script to scare people

fourier-motzkin Fourier-Motzkin Elimination

geomath AMD Geometry and Matrix modules using reuse pattern for better performance

google-distance A simple node.js wrapper for Google's Distance Matrix API

graph-paths Finding shortest / cheapest paths in a dense graph

gridlayer makes an array of arrays matrix out of x,y values

keepingbusy a cli tool which help you to pretend to be very busy

kld-affine A collection of classes used in affine geometry

likely Recommendation engine for Node.js applications.

lyric-node Linear regression library for use in Node.js applications. Based on Lyric javascript library provided by Flurry (

m4th Math stuff

mathjs Math.js is an extensive math library for JavaScript and Node.js. It features a flexible expression parser and offers an integrated solution to work with numbers, big numbers, complex numbers, units, and matrices.

mathlib JavaScript library for mathematical computations.

matrix-3d Matrix 3D transformations (translate, rotate) with basic degree-radian conversions.

matrix-paths Finds all paths in the 2D matrix

matrix-paths-zolmeister Finds all paths in the 2D matrix

matrix-utilities Tiny, high performance utilities for performing 2/3D matrix calculations. Full unit test coverage, compatible with Node/CommonJS, AMD, and browser globals.

matrixjs A JavaScript utility library for working with mathematical matrices

matrixmath Library for working with mathematical matrices.

mjs 3D matrix and vector operations

mokolo Collection of machine learning algorithms: Non-Negative Matrix Factorization for JavaScript

ndarray Multidimensional Arrays

ndarray-matrix-vector-product Dense matrix-vector multiplication

ndarray-nobuffer Multidimensional Arrays

ndgemm Matrix multiplication for ndarrays

ngraph.sparse-collection Subset of the University of Florida sparse matrix collection

numberic numericjs wrapper

optify Generates a combination matrix from a set of options key/value pairs.

radial-camera Compute a model view matrix based on a radius and two rotations about a point

rref solve systems of linear equations using gaussian elimination

simplematrix Simple matrix and vector operations.

slayer Time series spike detection, like the Mathlab findpeaks function.

smr Streaming implementation of multiple regression.

sparsematricesconverter Converts collection of sparse matrices from University of Florida to NPM format

square-matrix-multiply Square matrix multiply

svgutils Svg Utils for pasing SVGFile and manipulate Matrix object like Snap.svg

sylvester node.js implementation of James Coglan's "Sylvester" matrix math library.

tranny A little library for converting compound CSS transforms into their matrix equivalents

transform-to-matrix A tiny library to get 2/3D matricies from CSS3 transform functions. Fully covered by unit tests, with support for AMD, CommonJS, Node, and browser globals.

typed-matrix-ops Numeric Javascript matrix operators ported to typed-array-function

vatrix matrix tools

vektor A linear algebra module, including vectors, matrices, transformations, etc

xcssmatrix Cross-browser, spec compliant, XCSSMatrix shim.

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