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bintray CLI and Node.js client for Bintray

entintar Filter which colorizes text, e.g. output from maven

forge insert something here

generator-grunt-maven A generator for integrate Grunt with Maven

generator-jangular Quickstart a Maven + CDI + TomEE + Jackson + AngularJS project

grunt-build-lifecycle Flexible build lifecycles for grunt

grunt-maven Grunt tasks for grunt-maven-plugin Maven+Grunt workflow.

grunt-maven-tasks Grunt plugin to deploy a file to a maven repository

grunt-mvn-deploy Deploy node projects to Maven.

grunt-mvndeploy Deploy node projects to Maven repositories

grunt-nexus-deployer Deploy artifacts with classifiers to release/snapshot maven repository.

grunt-war Pure JS implementation for generating a WAR file.

grunt-webdav-deploy Deploy your zipped code to your webdav directory for use with build systems such as bower

gulp-bintray A gulp task for uploading files to Bintray

haven Browser Package Manager

kaffee Kaffee is a software project management tool similar to Maven and is written in Coffeescript. Kaffee allows you to compile, test, minify and many other tasks to make building your application simple and fun again.

kaffee-cli Command line interface for the Kaffee library.

maven-deploy A simple Node.js module to create a war-/jar-package and install/deploy to a local/remote Maven repository

mvnr perform maven commands recursively

npm-artifactory A proxy server that uses Artifactory to store npm modules for seamless integration with java/maven-based workflows

npmmvn Hack to read NPM modules from a Maven repository

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