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angular-crypto angular-crypto provides standard and secure cryptographic algorithms for Angular.js with support for: MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, RC4, Rabbit, AES, DES, PBKDF2, HMAC, OFB, CFB, CTR, CBC, Base64

angular-md5 A md5 crypto component for Angular.js

apache-md5 Node.js module for Apache style password encryption using md5.

blueimp-md5 JavaScript MD5 implementation.

cache-bust Create cache-busted versions of a file using the MD5 hash of the file's contents.

ccrypto Node.js C++ & JS-Native MD5 encoding of strings/arrays

checksum Checksum utility for node

cifre Fast crypto toolkit for modern client-side JavaScript

crypt3 Node.js crypt(3) bindings

crypto JavaScript implementations of standard and secure cryptographic algorithms.

crypto-js Modularized port of googlecode project crypto-js.

cryptofoo a good compromise between speed and validity to hash and encrypt (in future versions) strings

digest-stream digest-stream - Simple pass-through stream (RW) which calculates the a crypto digest (sha/md5 hash) of a stream and also the length. Pipe your stream through this to get digest and length. (streams2)

enc Encription/Decription crypto wrapper

encryptionhelper A collection of helper functions that encrypt, decrypt, and hash strings and files based on the native crypto module

grunt-md5-list Copy files to a specified directory, according to the MD5 Rename, and then generate a file path and hash correspondence between documents.

grunt-md5filename Convert file names to MD5.

grunt-md5tag tag and replace references to your prod file with md5 hash

grunt-requirejs-revver Generate revved filenames post-r.js build on your assets

grunt-util-digest Grunt Plugin for calculating Message Digest of Source Files

grunt-versionify Version stamp for your files with GIT/MD5

gulp-freeze Adds md5 checksum to file names

gulp-rev-hash Appends a file's hash to a file URL to cache assets in any file (html, templates)

gulp-vhash Asset versioning (for caching optimization)

handlebars-md5 Handlebars MD5 helper.

hash_file A simple utility for getting a hash of a file

hash-dir-contents A simple function for computing the hash of the contents of an entire directory

hash-files A simple function for computing the hash of the contents of one or more files

hashfile calculates the hash of a file

hashonym cp files using the content hash as the filename

hashstream Hash a readabale stream

hashsum Compute the hashsum of various things

js-md5 A simple MD5 hash function for JavaScript supports UTF-8 encoding.

js-methods JS-methods for JavaScript bundles a lot of extensions to the language's core classes to simplify development for the browser or for Node.js. This extensions doesn't depend on any other code or overwrite existing methods.

jshashes A fast and independent hashing library pure JavaScript implemented (ES3 compliant) for both server and client side (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, RIPEMD, HMAC and Base64)

krypto High-level crypto library, making the core crypto module easier to use and encouraging best practices

md5 Kohyama's jsMD5. See I'll replace this on npm with anything else.

md5-jkmyers Joseph K. Myers' high performance (in fact, the fastest) MD5 implementation for npm, Bower, Component, etc.

md5-o-matic Fast and simple MD5 hashing utility with zero module dependencies

mhash Provides 27 hashing algorithms: md5, md4, md2, sha1, sha256, whirlpool, crc32, etc. MacOS X requires Xcode to be installed.

mizuki.jsx Set of common utilities for JSX

node-forge JavaScript implementations of network transports, cryptography, ciphers, PKI, message digests, and various utilties.

node-md5 node library for md5

object-hash Generate hashes from javascript objects in node and the browser.

pwhash Generate password hashes from the command line.

rolling-hash compute rolling hashes

simple-build A simple build tool for Node.js web projects.

simpleaction SimpleAction is a JavaScript library that makes your life giving you several utilities you'll ever use. If you're a developer of the 21st century, this is your library.

spark-md5 Lightning fast normal and incremental md5 for javascript

upload-hash-name-middleware upload to hash rename expressjs middleware

utils-md5 md5() utility function

uupaa.hmac.js HMAC implement.

uupaa.md5.js MD5 implement.

zeos-crypto Node.js implementations of Crypto.

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