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basic-measure Simplest way to measure time taken by a function

bnch A very simple (yet another) node benchmark utility

celerity celerity uses redis to do centralized rate limiting for applications running on multiple heroku dynos

d3-measure-text A JavaScript component to measure the the width and height of SVG text.

dime cross-browser module to measure dimensions

fps Tiny module for measuring FPS

frequency-meter Measures event frequency

grunt-beaker Keep track of file sizes over time to help prevent page bloat.

gulp-size Display the size of your project

metiri Simple unit conversion utility.

network-component Measure and detect changes in network performance

time-grunt Displays the elapsed execution time of grunt tasks when done

time-require Displays the execution time for Node.js modules loading; inspired by @sindresorhus 'time-grunt'

timer.js Simple and lighweight but powerfull eventdriven JavaScript timer

yunofast super light benchmarking tool designed to leave in long running server code.

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