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alzheimer Advanced memoization with promise and stream support

async-memo Call a function at most once and remember the result. Args are not supported

hotplates Compiles and stores handlebars templates and registers partials for faster view resolution.

memo-is Memoization for Mocha/Jasmine specs (like RSpec's #let)

memoize memoize caches your callbacks given a set of arguments w/ persistence

memoize_test Memoize a slow with callback in its arguments.

memoize-with-leveldb Memoize functions with LevelDB

memoize.js Implementation of function memoization. Extends Function prototype.

memoizeasync Helper for memoizing async functions and methods

memoizee Complete memoize/cache solution. Works with any type and length of function arguments

memoizejs A faster JavaScript memoizer

memoizesync Helper for memoizing synchronous functions and methods

memolite extremly simple memoizing for async functions

memonce Create async function wrapper that ensure wrapped function is only excecuted once and memorize execution result to pass to subsequence invocation

mmemoize Memoize asynchronous functions using memcached

ssasync Asynchronous helpers for node.js

transparentcache flexible transparent caching layer for object methods and functions with versatile storing strategies

wrappers Function wrappers

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