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active-menu Facilitates the creation of menus in Node applications.

browser-menu A browser-friendly implementation of substack's terminal-menu

bttnsys construct click functionality around grouped elements

cli-wizard Command line wizard library for node.js

coronasdk-slider Turn a display object into a sliding panel

daily_menu-j5 DailyMenu fetcher for Johnny5

docpad-plugin-menu Automatically generates menu from documents folder

gopher-menudle create Gopher menus with ease

hut-menu HTML UI Toolkit menu

ipanel Mobile slide panels.

listbox-menu-component Listbox Menu component

locu Unofficial API bindings for Locu's API

menu-component Menu component

metismenu Easy menu jQuery plugin for Twitter Bootstrap 3

node-menu Allows to create command line menu for REPL applications

nw-contextmenu simple context menu with copy/cut/paste for node-webkit

primo-menu Basic menu system for PrimoJS

ribcage-menu A menu system for ribcage-ui

ribcage-top-bar A fixed top bar for your app. Use in modals or as a direct child of the body element.

singleplatform API client

sioux-offscreen An off screen navigation item. Similar to the menu of the Facebook and Path app

styled.js High performance, dependency free, cross-browser styled `<select>`'s

sweets-marshmallow Sweets' tree structures

terminal-menu retro ansi terminal menus for serious 80s technicolor business

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