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asset-smasher Asset pre-processor, merger, and compressor.

binary-merge 2-way merge

broccoli-merge-trees Broccoli plugin to merge multiple trees into one

bufferjoiner A nodejs binary buffer utility

buildr The (Java|Coffee)Script and (CSS|Less) (Builder|Bundler|Packer|Minifier|Merger|Checker)

cascade-stream A duplex stream that can lazily create child streams from a chunk and merge all outputs into one

catn8 catn8 is a file concatenation tool than can also minify JavaScript using uglify-js and CSS using clean-css

clone-merge Library for cloning an optionally merging json objects

coffee-scrunch Concatenate CoffeeScript files with style

combiner Flexible file-joining library with functional middleware support.

compiler-js Merge your JS source files and minify with upglify-js

conflate Simply merge multiple objects.

confuse merge arguments and config files recursively up a directory tree

core-utilities Core types extension methods

css-combine A module that combines CSS files by resolving @import directives.

css-purge A command line Node JS app for the removal of duplicate CSS rules and or properties.

daytime combine two Date objects, "day" and "time", into a new Date object

deap extend and merge objects, deep or shallow

deepest-merge Deep nested merge with function combination

deeply Deeply merges properties of the provided objects, returns untangled copy (clone)

difty Compare objets or arrays and get diffs

extend Port of jQuery.extend for Node.js

extend-context like _.bind() or _.bindAll() but extends 'this' instead of replacing it

fmerge A tool for merging objects.

fusing Prototype fusion

fusion Merge Files into Javascript Namespace

git-branch-deploy Setup repository branch for deployment

goodies Native object extension goodies.

group-cascade-stream A cascade stream that groups created streams by a chunk id

grunt-config-merge Adds `grunt.mergeConfig(...)`, which replaces `grunt.initConfig(...)`, and enables you to **organize your Gruntfile by feature**, rather than by task.

grunt-insert Insert code from one file into another.

grunt-merge-i18n Merge your json i18n files

grunt-merge-json Grunt Task for Merging Multiple JSON Files

grunt-merge-json-to-js Grunt Task for Merging Multiple JSON Files into a js var

grunt-merge-locale Grunt Task for Merging Multiple JSON Locale Files into one file

grunt-update-json Merge parts from one or more JSON files together. I use `grunt-update-json` to keep my `Bower.json` and `component.json` in sync with `package.json`.

gulp-extend A gulp plugin to extend (merge) json contents

htmlmerge Experimental DOM Merge Tool

jfc Javascript Files Combiner - is a simple utility to combine JavaScript files in one

jmen watch javascript(coffeescript) and css(scss, less) files, merge them into one file whenever one of the watched files is updated.

join-object A node module to join two or more objects

jquery-extend jQuery.extend function; plain and simple

js-merge Merge two JavaScript objects via JSON

json-combinator Combine JSON files (or simple) JavaScript Objects.

json-update Allows for very simple JSON file updating in one line

kaskade merge objects deeply and sincerely, most definitely

markalldown Combine multiple markdown files

merge JavaScript/NodeJS Merge is a tool to merge multiple objects into one object, with the possibility of create a new object cloned. His operation is very similar to the jQuery.extend function but more flexible.

merge-context like _.bind() or _.bindAll() but extends 'this' instead of replacing it

merge-defaults A recursive version of _.defaults.

merge-dirs node module to synchronously and recursively merge files from one folder to another

merge-object-streams Merge line by line streams operating in object mode.

merge-recursive A merge utility support recursive merges

merge-util Deep merge object utility

merge-with Returns a map that consists of the rest of the maps transformed into the first. If a key occurs in more than one map, the mapping(s) from the latter (left-to-right) will be combined with the mapping in the result by calling `fn(val-in-result, val-in-latt

mergesort Sort an array using the merge-sort algorithm.

mergesorted returns the interception of two ordered arrays

mimosa-combine A Mimosa folder combining module

mingler Sprockets inspired JavaScript concatenater

mixing Functions to mix objects

mixobjects Merge/mix util for objects

mongoose-troop a collection of plugins for mongoose

mongoose-utilities a collection of plugins for mongoose

multistream-merge Merge multiple streams into one (using through2 and hence Streams2)

nbt-stream Parse or Compile NBT files

ngraph.merge Simple merge utility to extend objects without extra dependencies

njs-blocklist-merger an HTTP server that downloads blocklists in p2p format and merges them on demand

node-sort A sorting library for Node.js

obj-merge non-destructive extend

object_utils Simple module for object manipulation

object-enhancements Many helpful functions for javascript Object

object-extend A well-tested function to deep extend (or merge) JavaScript objects

object-manage A library for managing javascript objects and offering common getter, setter, merge support.

plugin_merger merge all plugin js to xface.js

preffy-extend A version of the extend package that supports preferring types

pull-checkout-merge-command.hook Run scripts after `pull`, `merge` and `checkout` succeed. Great for compiled source management between branches and automating migrations

recursive-merge Recursive merge tool for arrays and objects

require2web This utility combines multiple JavaScript files into a single .js file for use in the browser. It allows you to structure your Javascript library like a node.js application, and make require() calls to other modules.

reverend Merge an express-style path string with data to create a valid path.

seraphim Configuration loader

sext Emulates jQuery's $.extend()

sickmerge A git command-line conflict resolution tool. In the browser.

sol-merge A module for merging two objects and making sure that the types match.

sortie Sort algorithms

sprightly Sprightly reads multiple images, writes a sprite, and writes CSS to simplify using that sprite in a browser.

spriteasy This tool reads multiple images via configuration file or commandline arguments and writes sprite images and stylesheet files to simplify using that sprite in a browser. This tool also provides a posibility to compile less files and merge all generated stylesheet information into one big stylesheet.

spritegen Sprite generator that takes a root directory and recursively combines all images into a sprite and style sheet.

streamfuz streamfuz =========

streamworks Run a nested collection of streams in pipe or merge configurations

tool object utilities

uquery This is a port of some jQuery functions exported to Node.js as mixins to the underscore library. Primarily this was started to incoporate the jQuery.extend function into Node.js (jQuery.extend was ported as _.merge)

useful-copy useful deep/shallow copy/update

utilxi UtilXI, a utility library extends underscore.

willitmerge A command line tool to check if pull requests are mergeable.

x-common utilities used by x-components

xconf Merge configuration files and return all configurations.

xtend extend like a boss

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