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array-pack-2d Quickly pack a nested 2D array into a typed array – useful for flattening point data into a WebGL-friendly format

bitmap-triangulate Triangulates a bitmap image

boundary-cells Enumerates all boundary cells in a simplicial complex

bunny The Stanford bunny

conway-hart CommonJS port of George Hart's polyhedral notation library

cote An auto-discovery mesh network framework for building fault-tolerant and scalable applications

cube-mesh Generates subdivided cube meshes

euler-characteristic Euler characteristic for simplicial complexes

extrude-edges Takes a 2D shape and generates the sides of an extruded mesh.

face-normals Given an array of triangles' vertices, return a `Float32Array` of their normal vectors.

gl-mesh Static indexed mesh drawing for WebGL

gl-shells Simple ready-to-go viewers for static models in WebGL

gmsh Node.js binding for Gmsh.

greedy-mesher Greedy mesh compiler

grid-mesh Creates a simplicial complex for a plane.

internet Framework for creating peer-to-peer browser networks

mesh-geodesic Approximate geodesic distance for triangulated meshes

mesh-normals Given a list of vertices and faces, generate the normals for a triangle mesh.

mesh-to-binvox Converts a mesh to a binvox stream

mesh-viewer Just draws meshes

meshdata Some common freely available triangulated meshes, collected from various places around the net

ndflow n-dimensional network flow solver

ndthree The unholy union of three.js and ndarrays

normals Estimates normals for meshes

onramp Web Socket Server to Connect to P2P Networks

parse-obj Parses .OBJ formatted meshes

parse-ply A streaming PLY parser

pinoccio pinoccio api client.

plink Simple peer-to-peer browser connections with tokens

plink-server Basic websocket server for plink, based on onramp

rectangle-decomposition Minimal decomposition of rectilinear polygons into rectangles

rle-mesh Meshing routines for narrowband levelsets

rle-rasterize Rasterizes meshes into narrowband level sets

rtc-mesh A synchronized, distributed P2P mesh data structure using WebRTC data channels

signed-distance Signed distance field computations

simplicial-complex Topological indexing for simplicial complexes

simplicial-disjoint-union Concatenates two simplicial complexes

solidipes a partially connected mesh network with messaging and discovery

spatial-grid Computes closest points to meshes and polygons

sphere-mesh Generates subdivided spheres

stanford-dragon The Stanford Dragon

svg-3d-simplicial-complex Renders a simplicial complex to a chunk of an svg file

teapot The Utah Teapot

telegraft node.js ZEROMQ mesh network

telehash A simplified telehash library for node and browserify

telehash-js An implementation of telehash in pure javascript

thjs An implementation of telehash in pure javascript that works in the browser.

toxiclibsjs toxiclibsjs is an open-source library for computational design tasks with JavaScript.

toxiclibsjs-examples The website for toxiclibs.js

triangle-normal Get the normal vector of a 3D triangle

trimesh Tools for processing triangulated meshes in Javascript

unindex-mesh Takes a list of vertices and faces, giving you back an array of individual triangles.

voxelize Voxelizes a mesh into an ndarray

write-ply Serializes a PLY file to a stream

write-vrml Serializes a mesh to a VRML file

yoda etcd mesh force is

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