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backbone.wreqr A Simple Service Bus For Backbone and Backbone.Marionette

bazaar A publish-subscribe (broadcast-listen) layer for same-origin inter-window communication

blackcatmq simple STOMP messages broker (aka STOMP server) in node.js

chrome-i18n Chrome extension's locales builder.

connect-badass-messages Flash message Connect middleware + Express view helpers.

connect-flash Flash message middleware for Connect.

connect-flash-redis Flash message middleware for Connect w/ Redis

crafity-resources NodeJS module for multilingual resource files

derby-ui-toast Notification messages for Derby

errortoenglish Translate localized IE JavaScript errors to english

errortoenglish-despegar Translate localized IE JavaScript errors to english

eventhub Message passing in node implemented with EventEmitters

express-flash Flash Messages for your Express Application

flash-express-hbs Flash message middleware for Express 3 and Handlebars.

glash tool for posting messages to major social networks facebook/twitter/google+ etc

growly Simple zero-dependency Growl notifications using GNTP.

http-codes Map of HTTP status messages to codes based on Node's built-in (inverse) map

ipc A simple inter process communication library along with distributed election algorithm (Bully) for Node.js

kabam-plugin-private-message Kabam plugin with rest api for sending private messages between users - dialog style

koa-flash Flash messages for your koa application.

kurunt Real-time processing of streaming data at any scale.

messagehub Simple message, queue and pubsub system compatible with RabbitMQ

messages Common REST API messages

ncom A TCP socket pair for easily transmitting full messages without worrying about packet size limits.

node-eventer Pub/Sub Events Library

node-pipes Pipes Library

node-twinkle Fast and scalable message flashing middleware for express

nodegears NodeJS bindings for Gearman

opal-cli The CLI client.

pmq A node.js binding for using POSIX message queues

sms Send and receive SMS from a connected device with 3G modem.

sms-client Demonstrate usage of node-sms with an sms client.

stompit STOMP client

verbalize A lightweight command line logging utility, with verbose mode and colors by chalk.

windpush Broadcast messages to all active online users on a site

zmqbus A broker-less message bus with failover

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